Even though the Lions lost to the Eskimos, I sure hope people plan to still go to the Grey Cup this year and not bail out just because the Lions are out. I have tickets and i'm still going. It's a chance of a life time to be able to go to canda's championship game. Now the question is if you are still going to the Grey Cup, who will you cheer for? I don't know about you but I hope Montreal totally tears Edmonton to shreds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will probably still be going, and I thank God that Montreal beat Toronto yesterday. If Toronto had won, I would have dropped the tickets, because I could not stand to cheer for either Edmonton or Toronto.

Next Sunday, I will be cheering for Montreal.

i dont mind you guys not cheering for us, hell i was happy you lost last year , so its the exact same thing

Many people in Vancouver and BC are either die-hard home-team fans or not fans at all.

Yes, after the bandwagon crashed there should be some good bargains in the papers.

Even though the Lions are out of the picture, I'm still a CFL fan, it should be a fun and entertaining game.

NOT :cry:

It almost had everyone there, good job BC!

I was there that was the funnest game i have been to!

My neighbour got back in town and said it was a great 3 days of partying.

And the game was pretty good too!