GREY CUP : 2005...A Hot Ticket on the Left Coast

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WOW…Well done… B.C… and CFL fans!!! :shock: :smiley:

and they are going the parties really well…WISH , I could afford to go. :cry:

when will the GREY CUP come to Toronto???

im guessing it'll look like winnipeg '06, montreal '07, calgary '08, toronto '09????

I hope so..........and your list looks pretty good.

Montreal in '07? I hope it's in the Big O.


It will be in the BIG O…and for those who dought that football is back in MONTREAL, they have did sell outs at the BIG O…for a couple of , EAST FINALS…and 1 GREY CUP, that they were not in. Every one showed up , unlike in HAMILTON , in 1996.

Is that the truth that its in Montreal in 07. I was hoping Hamilton. Montreal had it in 01. It was the first of my streak of consecutive cups, and I want to continue my streak untill I have been to at least every stadium.
When was it last at Ivor Wyne?

1996, I hope Hamilton gets 2007 as well.

but to be honest, I don't care as long as Toronto gets #100, whwich they should, I'll be happy!


I was under the understanding that Toronto would get 2007, but that's opt to change.

They were going to get it if a new stadium was going to be build. Now that that's not happening, their bid is in danger.


Even if they did get the new stadium, they would probably still hold it at the Dome. Just like 2001 when Montreal was awarded the game, but since Percival Molson is smaller than a decimal, they held the game at the "Big Uh-Oh"