Grey Cup 108 video

Does anyone know how soon Grey Cup 108 will be available "on demand" ?

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It will be available as soon as they edit out little Timmy's kneel down in the end zone .


Thank you for responding. Now on May 24 it's still not on the CFL website, but I did find it on You Tube. Right now I'm trying to find out how many if any CFL games I'll get to see on ESPN this season. The league website doesn't have an ESPN broadcast schedule like it did the last two seasons and according to ESPN's website they still have tonight's preseason game scheduled, although the league rescheduled it days ago. The only other preseason games on their schedule are the four games on June 4th.

Last season there were more games on ESPNNEWS, a premium cable channel that I can't get at all. That included three of the four playoff games. If they make more changes like this to their CFL package I may only be getting CFL realtime from CJOB radio online!

You'll be happy to hear that in at least ONE parallel universe 'Timmy's kneel down' never happened and Hamilton went on to win the 108th Grey Cup in regulation.

Dane Evans instead of Jeremiah Masoli signed with Ottawa and the city of Hamilton experienced a depression-free off season that resulted in the Trudeau government losing billions in alchohol related tax revenue.


I've been thinking about parallel universes too. Think about a scenario where Simoni Lawrence DOESN'T cheapshot Zach Collaros in game one. Collaros isn't available to the Blue Bombers when they need him and don't make it to the Grey Cup. Hamilton wins the cup and all the TiCat fans are overjoyed. But then again, Maybe Collaros leads the Riders to a win over Hamilton. I'm going to stop now.


ANYTHING that breaks the improbable chain of events that brings Zack here right at the trade deadline hands another team the 2019 Grey Cup.

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