Grey Cup 106 - Getting to Commonwealth Stadium

Question for the group and in particular, Eskimos fans.

Last year, for Grey Cup, the City of Ottawa had organized rendezvous points where you could jump on a bus and get taken directly to Landsdowne Park for the game.

I am wondering if the City of Edmonton is lining anything up like this. Or will it just be a matter of public transport as usual with the usual routes and transfers. Have checked the websites and cannot find any reference to ground transport to the stadium from within the city. Perhaps I am not looking in the right places.

Throwing the question out there to see if anyone knows.


…I would assume the best way to get there will be on the Edmonton LRT system, which has a station right at the stadium…

They blocked off traffic anywhere near the stadium right before kickoff, so that was a kick in the groin, but they didn’t back in 2002. Had to park near Northlands.
Made walking back after the game after a few beverages a challenge.

They should have some drop points near the stadium. Also, there’s an E-Train (or whatever its called in Edmonton) station right across the street.