Grey Cup - 100th Anniversary?

I know the 100th Grey Cup presentation is a few years away but shouldn't the CFL and/or the Argos be planning something for the 100th anniversary of the 'Cup?

It was first contested at Rosedale Park, here in Toronto, on December 4th, 1909. I plan to go boot a couple field goals on that date - at Rosedale - and may even take a beer or two to the park!

I figure, as it's in an up-up-upscale part of the city, the locals would kibosh any formal ceremony! Snobs!

But, I'm thinking something should be done to officially mark the occasion!

I agree, this date should be marked. This year's Grey Cup should be marked as the 100th anniversary game too. The CFL did mark the 50th anniversary game in 1959. I don't know why they've switched to celebrating the 100th game as opposed to the 100th anniversary. 2009 represents a century of Canadian football with the Grey Cup as the emblem of supremacy. Maybe I'll see you down at the Rosedale field.