Grey Cup 100 Train Tour, Sat, Nov. 10th 10:00 Bayfront Park

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Saturday, November 10 from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. at Bayfront Park (click here for map) to welcome the Grey Cup 100 Train Tour to TigerTown.

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Excellent, sounds like a plan and it may be the closest we get to the Cup in a while, figuratively speaking. :wink:

awesome cant wait to see it!! iwill be there with my boys

There is a “Kubota” semi van that follows the train and has a display nearby. It is worth a look as well. :thup: I suggest you go early because it does get busy. :wink:

The weather should be ok Saturday !

Santa arrives in downtown Hammer on Saturday AM. Santa and the Grey Cup! Wow!!


Apparently the train is already there.

And if I see Santa I'm going to punch him in the face and tell him to come back in December. Having anything Christmas-related in November is ridiculous.

How about everyone drive down to see the train around the same time as the SantaC parade is set to start. Then you will get a true feel as to what it would've been like if the stadium had been built on the West Harbor site. Good luck and have a fun filled day!!! :roll:

Should be FUN :rockin:

Post of the month!

Heading down in a few minutes to see the train, looking forward to it!

I wanted to go down there and see it, but I had to work 11-3. I tried to scoot over at 3:00 but it looks like a parade of some kind sealed off all of King St. so I couldn't even get down Bay to see it. I tried to go around, but it look me an hour to get to Locke St. :frowning:

I can't believe that people actually advocate converting King and Main into two way streets. That level of congestion was insanity and a permanent conversion would be an unmitigated disaster.

Oh well, I guess maybe I can see it during one of the Grey Cup parties.

Had a Great time, glad to see a great crowd today! If you have Facebook he is a album I took today of it!

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Wonderful time for sure, spent more time than I thought I would and chit chatted with lots of people. Nice to see people there to see the Grey Cup with NFL hats on as well. And met on the train a guy who played for the Als in 1970 John Couture who had his ring on and let me and my wife hold it! Awesome, very nice person and very humble.

A great idea by the league to do this. :thup:

what a day, speechless !!!!!!

Can't wait on Grey Cup day in Toronto to march with the Grey Cup from Varsity to the RC for the 100th. Ok, I will be in seventh heaven very shortly. I don't even like the RC but on this day coming up in late November, 2012, I might just cherish the toilet bowl more than I ever thought I would, or could. :wink:

And thank god to god I have tickets.