So the tix went on sale today at noon and I'm happy to say I scooped up 3 of them

Bronze - Section 103 (field level in Endzone) row U seats 19-21 ... me, DS and DF!

I'm so looking forward to seeing Casey, Jesse, Nick and Zeke in Montreal in November!!!!!!

I'm thinking positive!

You bought tickets for them, too? :wink:

(just kidding folks)

Oh boy! :roll: Montreal has always been a bomb when it comes to greycups!You can get a 40 yard line ticket there for half price people! Trust me I know its too big of a place for the fickle montreal market!

Not if the Als are in it!

In the east, one never knows????

Yah true but are not they rebuilding a bit? toronto looks like a bigger threat then Montreal right now!