At the beginning of this season I predicted Montreal to finish 3rd in the east. I also predicted a Winnipeg/Calgary Grey Cup. I’am a straight shooter and I’ve probably been wrong more than right in my life.
I have to repeat something jm02 said earier in the season about rookie head coaches when people were knocking the hiring of Trestman compared to Austin last year. You were correct jm02!! I will now eat my words about my reluctance in giving the Alouettes the benefit of the doubt with a rookie head coach and an ageing starting QB. Saskatchewan have done extremely well this year but Montreal have put themselves into a position where they will very possibly play for the Grey Cup in their own backyard! I’am NOT an Als fan but credit where credit is due, the Als have and continue to earn full respect across this league and if they win the cup this year then all the power to the team and their fans!!! They will host the Eastern final and the Grey cup and I don’t believe it will matter who they meet in those games. Home field advantage will be “HUGE”! The words of many posters on our site say the Cup stays in the west this year but I wouldn’t be so confident about saying or thinking that any more! This well coached and talented Montreal team have and are about to prove many people wrong in their earlier season beliefs and I’am one of them. Hats off to you Montreal but I’ll still be hoping for a major Bomber upset!!! I can dream can’t I ??

Montreal/Calgary Grey Cup!!!

Its either gonna be Montreal Calgary or Montreal BC for the grey cup and and as cavernous as the olympic stadium is the city is closing in on 70 000 tickets sold wins like this week or last week only amp things up more and more and the fans are going to be insane. I had my doubts about trestman as well but at this point if he doesnt win coach of the year the voting is rigged with the same personel as last season he took the team down from 51 sacks allowed at this point last year to 14. Calvillo is playing like a man possessed this is probably the best alouettes team theyve had since returning to the league you can see opposition coaches getting absolutely frustrated trying to figure out this offence.

Agreed about Trestman but Hufnagal is doing a heck of a job in Calgary as is Miller in Saskatchewan. A very tough call for Coach of the Year! We are heading down the final stretch and many things can and probably will happen.
I wouldn't bet the farm on the Cup heading west this year!!!

There is no mystery to the Als offense, it's just extremely hard to stop when you have a guy like Calvillo at the controls who is so damn accurate. You can't sack him because he gets the ball off so quick and if you drop into zone he will pick you apart. The answer is to break his leg before the game. :wink:

I still think Saskatchewan (if they are healthy) is going to be in the Grey Cup, but I think that Montreal might just be the team to take it this year, based on thier last 2 games. grrrr...:slight_smile:

Montreal - Calgary Grey Cup I think but the Bombers are starting to gain some control back, you never know. Too many injuries for the Riders to make it I think and their qb situation is unsettled.

You guys have it all wrong, Ticats vs Eskimos

anything is possible.....unlikely but possible

Yup and Rita McNeil is the half time show too :rockin: