GREY CUP 07 - Smack it up!

Only 3 days til the big game. Let the smack talking begin. The West Final smack talk was all good. Cheer for your team, who cares if it sounds cocky and arrogant. This is the thread to let it all out.

Sorry, I meant GREY CUP 06


I, along with every other Als fan, believe in the Als. I believe that they can pull off the upset. If they do, it will be by most 2 points at most. Watch for Benny Cahoon to have a really big game. He always saves his best for last. You can’t cover Cahoon. You just can’t.

Time for me to be a homer.
I, too, believe in the Lions. Why wouldn't they be considered the favourites? They have proven it all season and why should this week be any different.

Lions running game is being overlooked. Joe Smith ran for over a 100 yards against the best run D this season

DD is healthy, unlike 2004/2005.

Lions D was one of the best in 2006. Playing like a unit unlike 2004.

2nd winningest coach in the CFL.

Best receiver in the CFL (Simon) wasn't a factor in the West Final but the other receivers stepped up.

No distractions this season. Printers is gone.

Als are apparently playing for Matthews as motivation. Well, Riders were apparently playing for Shivers as motivation.

this will be a boring grey cup, no exciting stories, no beefs, not even an outspoken player to get things hyped up.

Maybe iceman the smackin will be done on the field instead of the usual microphone or newspaper pretend smackin. I think it is going to be a dandy between these teams to be honest.

At least the Argos aren't in the Grey Cup, otherwise it would be like watching the NFL.

It's only boring for you because your team ain't in it.

For the rest of us, who actually love the game, it will be anything but boring. I was at Grey Cup last year, even though the Leos weren't in it...rooting for the Al's (I really hate Edmonton).

I am looking forward to this game, it is going to be a blast.

PS. I'm sure CK will come up with something for the media before the game, though he has, so far, been unusually quiet.

Carl Kidd cant really talk any smack, its hard to talk smack when your just a backup. Carl Kidd is old and washed up now, he wont be back in BC next season.

Buono better not choke like he did in 2004, he better allow the offense to open things up and pass the ball at least 40 times. I remember in 2004 BC tried to run the ball and milk the clock and they had no time left to come back. Geroy Simon better live up to the hype and get at least 140 yards receiving.

I wanna see Robert Edwards rush for 200 yards and get the respect he deserves. He is better and more humble than Ricky Williams/ John Avery. yet he doesn't get any hype, Robert Edwards is the type of player that the cfl needs to hype up and give more spotlight instead of kids like lumsden.

I really like Edwards, he is a force for sure. But don't trash Lumsden, he will be putting up some big numbers in this league and will show everyone he is the real deal.

Carl Kidd has every right to talk smack after having a great year on Special Teams. Led the league in tackles, didn't complain about playing time, and was a leader both on and off the field. Yes, he is getting up there in age, but he played with a ton of heart and determination and is still a force whenever he's on the field.

Roberts is a great running back but nobody, and I mean nobody, will be rushing for 200 yards against this BC defence. I think 100 yards is pushing it (just ask Kenton Keith).

Should be a good game. BC’s defense needs to play well and give the offense the “Short field”. I expect Ben Cahoon to have a big game for the Als. Low scoring.

BC 22 Montreal 18

200 yards is pushing it.

But I think 100 isn’t that far off…Let’s face it, if he can’t get 100 yards of net offence, I don’t think that the Als will stand a chance.