Grey Cup '07 already's sold 25 000 tickets.

I just put my deposit on my tickets and to my surprise the 07 game has sold over 25 000 tickets to date.

Gettem' while they are hot!


the only responces your gonna get here are:

i hate the skydump, bla bla bla...i hate the argos, bla bla bla.

The response he’ll get from me is HELL YEAH! Any time the grey cup is within driving distance, I want to go!

Between GCG and myself, we have 15 tics, Sec 528 Front row :thup:

... and if you're concerned about the half time show ...


WOW...I hope you are right on that...No Nelly or Black Eyed for me Thanks!

Got mine already...Sec 519 row 2 seats 7 and 8! :thup:

okay.... now i'm concerned

I'm going for sure, but I haven't gotten my tickets yet.

i'm soory to break the bad news but there isn't 25,000 tickets sold. A very good source told me that only if all the argo season ticket holders bought tix for the grey cup game them they would have that many in another words they are counting on all argo season ticket holders to buy tickets and there is your 25,000.

Its a very clever marketing move by MRX. They are testing the marketplace and creating demand.

They had a pre-sale. Open to the public. Thats where a large chunk of the 25k came from. I'm guessing thats where someone like Woody, and other fans from across the country got their tickets.

For the record my source is my Argo's ticket agent, maybe yours is from higher up in organization.

I trust this guy and he always told facts.


no it might be rush

Well, I have had a bad feeling in my gut about ever stepping foot again in the Rogers Centre knowing that Paul Godfrey more or less runs the joint. But after reading what he said (see last post of mine on CFL main forum about another NFL coming to Toronto article) about almost, and I repeat almost, seeming to care about the health of the CFL and Argos, I may consider getting tickets to the GC next year. We'll see.

I "hate" the Argos as much as anyone but I hope next year's Grey Cup will be the most successful in History (only to be surpassed by the next Grey Cup we host).

I wish the Grey Cup 2007 Committee all the best of luck and I'm hoping to be there in person watching the Cats raise the Cup at Centre Field after the game.

P.S. As for Godfrey.......IT'S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!

they only sold tickets for 2 days and sold about 22K....they arent on sale again until march '07, altho u can put down deposits on them now.

22K in 48 hours is pretty darn good...imagine what they'll sell when theyre on sale for another 48 hours?...even if they sell 10K in the first 48 hours when they go on sale again, thats still 38K sold with 8 months to go before the game.

lets not forget, the argos have the 100th grey cup, so this 95th grey cup is kinda practice for the 100th, creating mainstream and media awareness in toronto of the CFL and argos.

when they do the 100th, they'll know what went right and what went wrong from the 95th, and they can make the 100th alot better.

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The agros dont have the 100th Grey Cup. Do you have an article stating this??

i've posted 3 or 4 articles on the cfl forum stating the argos have the 100th grey cup....but im not gonna go diggin them up...u can.

one article had a quote from the eskimos new GM, and he said the eskies are going for the 99th, cuz they said the argos have the 100th....the article was about the renovations to commonwealth stadium.

I brought 4 on the day of the sale..Section 514 Row 2.