Gretzky queried, pulling for RIDERS!!!!

On HNIC Gretzky was quoted saying that he, "grew up a fan of Ron Lancaster, so I am pulling for Saskatchewan."

You might have the Dalai Lama but we have God(Gretzky). THAT IS SOOOO COOL!!!!


Actually, the Leafs are in Phoenix to play the Coyotes..

Good call Sam, thanks, my bad. I'll make the change.


No offence to the DL, but I'll take the Great One over him any day of the week! :smiley:

Who's Gretzky.

I'm hoping that's a joke... :expressionless:

Meh. Gretz used to part own the Argos.. sounds like sour grapes to me... either that or Gretz has the hate on for the DL.

Read my prev. post buddy...he grew up a fan...once a Rider fan, always a Rider fan.


Oooh... that's what the Great One "says"...

Probably just some PR... wants a piece of the ownership pie of the Green and White... or Gretz is issuing a challenge to the authenticity of the DL pic with the Bomber Memorabilia.

I wonder if Janet put money on the Riders? LOL

Gretzky is just a good hockey player. Hes also a massive sell out and a bit of a moron. Not just because he picked the Riders, although that contributes. I would way rather have the Dalai Lama.

Hes no longer the great one...

stick to ford commercials Wayne.

He's still the great one...
Even if he did pick riders, The Great One is allowed his (flawed) opinions.

Yea. And Gretzky is a big fan of Phoenix. Does not say a whole lot.

Yep, I was. Even grandmother's who had nothing to do with hockey knew who the Great One was back in the early 80's. It's hard for anyone not to know who he is with his commercials and involvement with Team Canada etc.