Gregg Zaun fired at Sportsnet for inappropriate behaviour

I suspect there may be a lot of men out there a bit nervous these days as more and more women speak out.

Sportsnet announced tonight that they have fired Jays analyst Gregg Zaun for inappropriate behaviour.

[b]“This week, we received complaints from multiple female employees at Sportsnet regarding inappropriate behaviour and comments by Gregg Zaun in the workplace. After investigating the matter, we decided to terminate his contract, effective immediately. This type of behaviour completely contradicts our standards and our core values. We believe in a professional workplace where all employees feel comfortable and respected. We are grateful to our employees who spoke with us and we will take every measure to protect their privacy.?[/b]

Maybe he can replace Rod Black.

I know you are only joking, but I wish people would stop dumping on Rod Black. While far from perfect, he is a good man.

I've had women make inappropriate behaviour and comments to me in the workplace. Think I can get them fired ?... Hard to know what to think when I consistently hear women talk way worse than I do. Filthy is the best description. I guess they feel equal. ::slight_smile:

I am in no way defending this Zaun clown.

Seemingly another round of harassment or inappropriate behaviour allegations has caused Gregg Zaun to lose his job. Even though he’s an ex MLB player, he was fairly active in CFL and football fan promotion during Grey Cup weeks. Attended a few of his hosted parties at venues across the country over the years. Always a good time and Gregg seemed to be an intense, yet fun ex pro athlete who is now in media. I always found it cool that an ex major leaguer was promoting and celebrating the CFL with its fans.

Does anyone have any Gregg Zaun stories? We never witnessed or experienced anything untoward or out of line from him and his events and there were MANY drunk people all around. He seemed fairly professional and always had time to share some stories. Always seemed to be in contact with bar management throughout the night to check in on how things were going.

Sometimes it seems that many of these harassment allegations are about office romances or flings gone wrong. Don’t really care to hear about all that stuff, because as the saying goes “all is fair in love and war?. However if actual defined sexual harassment occurs, it has to be dealt with.

Not saying that this is the case here, but I don’t understand how Boss A has consensual sex with Staffer B and it may or may not lead to something long term or short term. Years later, Boss A is making mega bucks, and then former Staffer B now wakes up a decade later and realizes they must have been sexually assaulted and needs to share their story. That don’t compute in my mind. Why wasn’t it a story back then? Is some of this stuff just about money?

I think it’s just a matter of time before we start hearing about college students accusing profs of soliciting sex in exchange for marks. Then suing the colleges. These relationships happen, but it hasn’t yet been inserted into the latest wave of allegations on people in prominent positions.

Interesting times.

You make a good point, my wife and I were discussing this exact thing at breakfast today. From her perspective, she believes the balance of blame or guilt has tilted way too far to the male side. Women can be as trashy or as sexually forward as any man, yet it’s deemed acceptable. She personally feels that she can say or do almost anything without consequence (not that she wants to or will do, rather she thinks her gender allows it to be considered tolerable). Men however, seem to have a bullseye on them re: men saying something that can be taken the wrong way. My elderly mother says the same thing about all this stuff. Obviously assault is assault and should be investigated. But there is so much nonsense on the periphery that seems to be taking centre stage.

Every time I hear the Taylor Swift song about encouraging vandalism on her ex’s truck because of his behaviour - I think of this double standard. If a male was to sing about vandalizing his ex’s property because she cheated, that man is getting a date with the police.

Agreed. Rod Black is an incredibly decent man and very engaged in various charities which he doesn't boast about. In fact his involvement spurred us to research and become engaged in some too. All these organizations spoke about how sincere he is in those endeavors and how much personal time he offers up. Not a perfect sportscaster by any means, but lets be honest - he's better than we would be up there as he's honest, he tries to build up people, and what you see is what you get.

I always liked Zaun and I'm not a big Jays fan, I do feel for him if it wasn't all that bad. And yes, that Taylor Swift analogy fits with this I'd say for sure.

"I think it’s just a matter of time before we start hearing about college students accusing profs of soliciting sex in exchange for marks. Then suing the colleges." iconic

Or profs reporting students who offered sex in exchange for better grades.

Anyways, getting back to the Zaun allegations. Unless this guy already admitted guilt to some of the allegations or there was concrete "proof", I must ask what happened to the "innocent until proven guilty" principle? I'm not defending this guy. In fact I didn't even know who he was but I noticed Iconic in your post you used the word "allegations". And that is a good observation. Why has Zaun been fired? Was he given due process?

Nothing has been specifically said other than in appropriate behaviour accusations or allegations led to his dismissal. No actual physical contact allegations yet. Sounds more like locker room banter and lewd comments that some didn't appreciate. There might be more but that's all I've heard thus far.

The problem is :

Guys LOVE to hear women talk dirty and get off on it. That's them being stupid and they will have to learn...

  • If a woman says something sexual, report it.
  • If she discusses her "period" at work (I don't want to hear about that), report it.
  • If she wears something revealing, report it.
  • If a gay male co-worker says something sexual, report it.

It is the ONLY way this evens up and stops being an attack on straight men.

Sadly, it will get to the point where NO one can say anything.

Perfect example :

During the making of the movie Snatched, Amy Schumer walked around the set with her one breast hanging out - she was trying to be funny. If a guy did that, he would have been fired. She should have been fired as well.

Instead, people looked the other way. That needs to stop because I have worked in places where the women were far worse than the men.

I think your thinking of Carrie Underwood's song Before He Cheats . The lyrics are pretty much about doing a criminal offence being equal to cheating . If a man did this he would be considered controlling and abusive . She makes it sound heroic .

and then there is what those chicks did to poor Earl

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I agree. There is a double standard. The only way the double standard ends is if men complain, too.

And if men don't complain about a female co-worker talking inappropriately, because they get off on it (and I know a LOT of men who do), that's on them.

Some good lyrics there... ;D

Annoying song. While I like Natalie Maines, her voice grates in this one.

Bingo! Yes - that’s the song. Thanks for clearing up the artist. The lyrics stick out as so hypocritical every time I hear it.

Anything with Earl lyrics, good or bad or otherwise, nice, very nice! :stuck_out_tongue: