Greg Randall Released.

Tiger-Cats Transactions
ROSTER 14-Aug-06

HAM DEL IMP Greg RANDALL (OL) Michigan State

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meh no big loss

It's a shame to see him go. Especially since our roster currently has 1 Tackle listed as healthy. Guess Lancaster needs to make some positional changes now if Cheron is going to be out for a while.

Why dont we try releasing another coach here instead of players.

another nfl type who isn't fast enough for our league. and he's way over his listed weight, i bet he's pushing 365, he's got slow feet and guys are blowing by on the outside.

I guess that means Steve Sciullo will be taking Randall's spot on the roster.

I believe that I heard Pascal Cheron is done for the season . To bad he finally got better from having mono , then hurts his knee .

Thanks ripandrap for the news. I think ?

was he the guy who got beat tons on the outside blitz's saturday?? also didnt he win super bowl with the patriots as a starter?? or is that another guy.. weird release.

This opens the door for Woodard if he is released from Washington.

Did he play the other night?

All i know is i wish # 57 was still with us !!!!!

8) Yep, that is the same guy !!! He was signed this past winter with much fanfare because he was from the Super Bowl champion Patriots !! He was supposed to solidify our OL. !!!! :lol:

Too big and way too slow for our game.


As do we all. (RIP Travis)

I was watching the Esks Friday night ,they had the same problem with this years O line .

Slow big import lineman with fast linemen blowing around them in an arc ending up at the QB.

I was thinking ,why can't Canada produce more good O linemen?

We used to have all non import O linemen.
It was a locked Canuck position!

Whats happened? Has the game changed or is there not enough dough being shared with non import O linemen to make it worth their while?

um.... not in the past half decade-plus...

remember a little fella named Dave Hack?

how about Jonta Woodard?

I think they're probably opening the door for Smith and Donnelly to play Tackle, with Powell on the other side.

Sciullo and Hudson/Felice at guard with Hage still at Center.... (though why he and Hudson don't switch i'll never know)

Donnelly is the most underrated player in the league, when I saw him last year I thought there is no way he can make it in this league as a line man, he just looks to small, once he got his chance he proved me wrong, he can hold his own with the best of them. It shows that you don't have to be a 300 pound fatso to play on the line. I hope he becomes a starter for the rest of the year.

i'd still rather be starting Jonta over Donnely.. but we don't quite have the luxury right now.

Anyone would start Jonta over Donnelly, but Jonta is a total beast. I agree that Donnelly, though, is very under-rated. He's very athletic, very strong for his size, always mentally ready and prepared, and quite smart. He does more with positioning and leverage than much bigger players do with brute force.

The fact that we had beers together after hours a couple of times at Quarters doesn't hurt his stock in my eyes, either. :smiley:

question starts to become (IMO) Donnelly vs Smith, or Donnelly vs Hage, or Donnelly vs Powell... should Woodard come back that is.

Woodard Felice Hudson Smith Powell
Donnely Hage

would be my ideal Oline right now... (well realistically anyway)