Greg Peach Released

I always like Greg he was a true gentlemen off the field and a warrior on the field, Id like to thank Greg for the years in Hamilton and wish him nothing but success in his future

Could never get or stay healthy.

EDM signs Ryan Hinds.

That was also an issue if I recall correctly when he was in Edmonton. Likely one of the reasons they didn't rush to sign him when he became a FA.

I did like him and we certainly were in need of his play last season when the defense was so woeful, but with a good solid D line playing well together, seems he has become expendable.

Anyone else think this might be a salary cap decision as well?

Glad to see Hinds finding a spot with another team! :smiley:

Thanks Greg for being a Tiger-Cat and giving us fans some good defensive plays to watch and cheers for? I'm sure you will be a welcomed addition to another CFL team!!


WHAT!!!!!! The B.B.'s didn't sign him ????? :roll: :wink:

The Eskimos seem to be the final destination for used up Cat D.B.'s Thompson,Young,Rwbakamba and now Hinds. All they need is an ex-Cat safety and they could have a total retro-Cat backfield.

Didn't Hinds play safety a bit?

Too bad I liked "fuzzy" , he was a good player.

Yes,he did and not to well at that......Ironically the one game I do remember him playing safety was against the Esks. a few seasons back and he got literally run over and around by Messam on the ground and lite up like a Christmas tree by Stamps all game long.I can't recall the score,but do remember that the Esks won the game rather handily and he was benched the next game.

Undersized and gave up the edge too much on containment.
Good motor as a plus. Injured a lot as a minus.

Surprised he got the contract he did.

See ya its been a peach! don't let the door hit you to hard in the A$$ :wink: how many sacks has he made for the Ticats ?

actually, Peach had a team high 6 sacks in 16 games with the TiCats last season. (including 36 tackles, 2 fumble recoveries and 1 TD)

Injuries and the emergence of Boudreaux, Norwood and Bulcke sealed his fate.

Bulke especially is a beast and could very well be a perennial all-star tackle for this team in the near future.

8) Peach was one of the biggest busts as far as our free agent signings were ever concerned !!
   Any wonder why Edmonton let him go ??

   Undersized, over rated, and injury prone,  I'm surprised he lasted as long here as he did !!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

hitchcock played safety for them after his release

Met Greg last year in Tranna, heck of a nice guy and all that. All the best to him in the future.

I wish that were true. Your memory of the past 10 years or so must be pretty spotty.

What a surprise......the Spec says that the B.B.'s are interested in signing him :roll: The Peg keeps signing X-Cats at a rapid pace.......just might have to change their name to the Winnipeg Cat Bombouts !!!