Greg Peach a Tiger-Cat

From Drew Edwards' twitter..

#Ticats have agreed to terms with former #Esks DE Greg Peach and are apparently close to signing ex-#Argos LB Kevin Eiben. #CFL

So is he our new starting DE or will he be fighting for the job?

This is great news! Thanks for posting! :thup:

No problem.. I hate using twitter but for some reason I have been glued to it this off season lol


from Dave Naylor's twitter..

Hamilton has signed former Calgary OL Tim O'Neill.

From a National Post story last Sept 11

HAMILTON — It’s often said in the Canadian Football League that the season doesn’t really start until after Labour Day.

If that’s the case, the Edmonton Eskimos could be in a good position to put together a run to close out the regular season.

For about six weeks, the Eskimos have been banged up, beaten down and stymied offensively after starting the season 5-0.

Now 7-4, the Eskimos are almost fully healthy, are getting solid play out of their offensive line once again, and have had two outstanding defensive games since Labour Day, which coincides with the return of linebacker Greg Peach.

But on Sept. 3 the same writer said-

EDMONTON — In his last trip to Calgary, Edmonton Eskimos [u][b]defensive end Greg Peach[/b][/u] sacked Henry Burris twice.

That in itself is impressive, but had the Eskimos been playing against perhaps any other quarterback that day in July, Peach could have had at least double that amount.

“The thing with Henry when you play him … I think I’ve missed three sacks every time I’ve played against him,? Peach said and laughed, reminiscing about his struggles trying to turf the Calgary Stampeders pivot.

“You just have to keep coming after him, keep working, and you’ll get your sacks and you’ll get your pressure. He’s going to elude you a few times, but you can’t get frustrated. You just have to keep coming. That’s why he’s one of the best.?

Besides the fun bit about sacking Burris, what I’ve found online suggests that he’s a utility tweener. So, is he here as a DE or with Eiben as contending for back of LB or what? Interesting.

On he’s listed as a DE.

I think that was a typo from the National Post because if you look at his size there isn't a linebacker in this league that is 6'3" 255lbs.. He will be our replacement for Hickman.

Under Stubler’s 3-4 defense, Peach dropped back as a fourth linebacker. He is a D end. Awesome signing. Hope we can get Hunt too.

Great day, we upgraded our N/I talent vastly (Fantuz, O'Neill, soon to be Eiben) and found a replacement for Hickman in Greg Peach.Obie, you are the man. :rockin:

Its been quite a peachy day, one might say

Ian Busby @SUNIanBusby Reply Retweet Favorite · Open Predicting Baggs gets cut … RT @scratchingpost: #Ticats have signed former #Esks DE Greg Peach and are close to signing LB Kevin Eiben. #CFL
This idiot predicts Baggs gets cut. Obie better not even think of doing this.

Signing Hunt would be amazing, Though I think they are gonna go with Steele and Rose on the inside and Baggs and Peach at DE . But if Aaron Hunt wants to come along for this championship ride I will not object.. LOL

You think Baggs is guaranteed a job? After the way he played last season, I hope not. He's going to be in competition just like every other Defensive Lineman brought to camp.

I wanted Taylor Robertson, but I guess Tim O'Neill will do. Some much needed depth along the o-line.

No Baggs is not guaranteed a spot but under Chamblin's defense he was asked to do something that lowered his numbers. I still don't know why he was asked to drop into coverage. Creehan already stated that he can't wait to unleash Baggs on QB's.

If Creehan said that, then Baggs is not going anywhere IMO

He was still not effective at all when rushing the QB. However, I hope as much as anyone else that he can have a resurgent season under Creehan.

Any defensive lineman will tell you that in order to have success when rushing the passer you need to get in a rhythm. To be fair to Baggs, its hard to setup an offensive lineman and get in a rhythm when you get to pass rush every 3rd or 4th play and you are constantly covering the flats.

If the new Defensive Coordinator does what he said he was gonna do I can guarantee Stevie will have an outstanding season. Baggs has been an amazing team player and all around great guy in his time here and talking about cutting him after an average season after he did everything he was asked to do is just unfair and uncalled for..

Don't worry about Baggs he will be here all year long this season!

Good Points, GBonds.

I agree with you, GBonds. With Peach on the other end and maybe Hunt and Rose filling up the inside our D Line is looking real ...real ...real strong. I'm sure our LB corp are enjoying this news as well.

Obie IS THE MAN.....