Greg Marshll

Don't know how many caught the telecast of UWO and WLU on Saturday but it was good to see Marshall on the sidelines as an assistant, looking fit and relaxed. I was never a big fan of his when he coached the Cats but nevertheless it was good to see him land on his feet back with the CIS and next year he'll be the head coach.

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Some coaches may be better suited to coaching college teams than professional teams, and Marshall may be one of these coaches. I understand that there will be a head coaching vacancy at Western next year. I have not heard about who will fill that vacancy, but I'm sure it will be Marshall. Considering his track record, I can't imagine who else it might be.

Marshall IS Western's Head Coach, starting now. About 3-4 weeks after he was fired by the Ti-Cats, UWO announced that they had hired Marshall to replace Larry Haylor who was going to retire after this season. Marshall's stint as OC was just an transitional measure.


Good for him, exactly where he belongs.

The TiCats hired the wrong Greg Marshall. Hind sight...hind sight...

Oh lets not go thier again !!!!!!

Winnepgs defence didnt look good in blowing a big lead yesterday !!!!!!

Did anyone catch the interview with Duane Ford and Haylor on The Score on Sat after the Laurier-Western game? Looked like Duane was going to cry, he used to play for Western and this was the last interview with Haylor as coach. Really struck home with me how great CIS ball is for the kids and schools involved. Great interview, one I will never forget.

Watching Duane Ford play here his last season made me want to cry too.

Gotta love the humor!! It is humor isn’t it? :wink:

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No, humour is saying with a straight face Marshall was a scapegoat and will be HC in the CFL again.

If anyone was a scapegoat it was Barressi, funny how no one mentions that he went back to Wake and they are only 8-1, best record they've had since 1944, and notice how Pitt was destroyed by Southern Florida and only scored 6 points with Taaffes high powered O.

The thing that bugged me about seeing Marshall on the sidelines Saturday was that he had no clipboard or notes with him, nothing, how can you be an O.C and not have a list of plays or something. Most O.C's have a page of plays to call with diferent plays highlighted for diferent situations like second and long, red zone, mid field, hash marks, blitz's etc.

When did Baressi go back to Wake Forest? As of two weeks ago he was still working (if you can call it that) for free with BC as a RB coach because he hadn't recieved any offers.

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Yeah I was wrong, I thought I read something last year that said he went back to Wake.

No Drexl, he ATTENDED a Wake. His career's... lol

Greg Marshall was CFL caoch of the year in 2004, it was the comedy of errors around him(PaoPao,s O,Lancasters medling Bad officiating,etc ( and unfortunate fate,-Claridge,s Passing)that were his downfall. IMO Marshall,s situation should not affect other CIS coaches from moving to the CFL.

It shouldn't, but it will.

I think you will see future young, successful CIS head coaches given a chance to get their feet wet as co-ordinators, and if they thrive at that position they will be given a chance as a HC in the CFL.

There was never a better candidate to go from CIS coach direct to CFL head coach than Marshall. Bright, articulate, handsome, ex-CFL player. Ready for primetime it seemed. And if Greg was given his chance elsewhere he might still be in the league.
I think his downfall was his lack of guidance from within the TiCat organization. I think Marshall was not very well networked in his connection to pro-style assistant coaches, and the Cats gave him little help in assembling his staff. That in my opinion was what finished Marshall. It made the odds too long to succeed, and because of his dismisal it will be a long time until a CIS guy will go directly to a HC position in the CFL.

The thing is, the buck has to stop SOMEWHERE...

There was never a better candidate to go from CIS coach direct to CFL head coach than Marshall
I am sure there are A FEW CIS Coaches both past and present that would take EXCEPTION to this statement.

Granted, Marshall was the PERFECT FIT for Hamilton when ALL things were considered. All things, including the fact that he was coaching in a COMMUNITY which was very FAMILIAR with his face ... and for a team that was facing EXTINCTION.

Once the bums were back in the seat, so to speak, and ALL EYES were on Muleshall, and HIS PRODUCT ... it was PLAIN to SEE he was absolutely not ready for the CFL.


P.S - Many of you may not know this ... but Marshall was NOT the FIRST Canadian University head Football coach to GO PRO as a Head Coach ... ANYONE remember the head coach of the Mount Allison Mounties in 1990? Well, his name was Jacques Duseault ... he went from the head coach of the AUAA Mounties to be the Head football coach of the Montreal Machine of the (quickly defunct) World Football League.

greg marshall should be very thankful for his shot. it didnt work out. he definately deserved to be fired probably in 05. but his situation should be looked at by itself and not as an indicator as how other cis coaches would do. i think it is obvious that the jump from cis to cfl is too big of a jump. i agree with an earlier post that the transition should be aided by a progression from pos coach to coordinator to head coach. make no mistake though marshalls demise was his own. ultimately the head coach has to make tough decision and lead. he did niether in my opinnion. if he was leading nobody was following.

So are you saying the 9 win first season was a fluke ?? I think he did a great job the first season considering the talent level he had . It hasnt gotten much better since then has it ??

I really believe and I`m sure some will disagree , that the death of #57 Travis Claridge had a lot to do with the offensive problems in 2006 . They had problems all season with import tackles and lets face it they are the bread and buttter of the O LINE .

Woodward would of come back to play right tackle and with Claridge on the other end it solidifys probably the weak link of the team thru 2006 . Voila , we have a running game and Maas has time to throw and a whole lot of plays can be run without worry of pressure .

I really get tired of people saying that the head coach have to be American . Marshall played in the damn CFL and he knows football . Look around at all the players in the CFL that have made an impact after playing under Marshall for 4 years . I really belive there are other coaches in the CIS that could do a good job in the CFL also .