Greg Marshall's Wrongful Dismissal !

:x July 10 2006 My family and I who have been season ticket holders since Greg Marshall was hired and that being the reason we purchased them will not be renewing our season tickets and strongly urge anyone else who does not support the unjustified firing of Greg Marshall to do the same . The organization wants to send a message to everyone , here is my message , for those that think this was a scapegoat backboneless move how about not purchasing tickets for next season , I would do it immediately however I feel like I owe it to Coach Marshall to see how his legacy lives on for this season like he mentioned in his CH interview . Lets see what the braintrust all who have a hand in the operations and including the players can make of what is almost a full season and being that the Argos are only one game ahead of us. Let us see what " resources " Bob Young makes available to Lancaster and Katz , that wasn't there for Marshall.The following are some of my observations and reasoning why Greg Marshall should not have been fired. Let us see if time was needed for the offence to gel from having new a Quarterback and Runningbacks and a very different O-line who regardless of coaching should be able with all that beef move a defence back a yard on 3rd and 1 when you have a yard separation at the line of scrimmage. Maybe they should get the universal weight machine as coach to tell and show them how to push and win the war of the trenches , oh and it will also have to time and time again tell them the basic football 101 of don't take stupid penalties. Let us see what Off.Co. Joe Paopao brings to the table now since this highly regarded Off. genius so far has sputtered himself with the play calling and he wanted new faces to grasp at times complicated schemes or the give your head a shake plays that are called on occasion. What’s the deal with Chief Operating Officer / General Manager Rob Katz ? All the talk about Marshall coming from University going straight to the CFL and having no experience and thus being the major foul on him. What does or did Katz bring to the table ? By all accounts from looking at his bio on the team website it looks like he is a career Marketing and Advertising guy who should have just stepped in Bob Sauve's slipstream and continue with the community /Ticat relationship. You never know he just might end up there after this supporter and family decline to show up next season. The Defence was and still is a work in progress , yet again new or adjusted personnel that needed time but had its moments for all those minutes it was left on the field , maybe those brain cramp penalties and plays or lack of can be chalked up to the ineffectiveness of the before mentioned Offense and Coordinater. Special teams was not so special obviously . Kicker , Borham needs to talk to someone of the proffesional nature maybe Tony Sopranoes shrink and get back up on his feet , I'm sure his confidence went down knowing he was the one that had to produce points for the offence. As for Ron Lancaster he was a very good player , an average coach who yes led us to capture the Grey Cup but also led us to a 1 - 17 record , all this after he built up his team year after year and had much more time , support , resources and opportunities. How is it that he makes it past 5 games and gets to at least finish the season , and in a way gets promoted to senior director of football operations , I am not making Greg Marshall out to be a Saint , sure he made mistakes for which a lot of people are all over him for but there was alot working against a really good person who just ran out of time too soon while giving it his.

all I’m sure which is a lot more than can be said for a lot of people on and off the field in the Ticat organization . It is too bad that Bob Young who repeated he had support for and confidence in Greg Marshall in a few days can do a complete 180 degree turn and crack under pressure from within the organization , some fans and it seems the so-called unbiased media.

I sorry but I'm not reading that wall of text unless you edit it to include some paragraphs.

nice rant... but you cant fire 25 guys , so it was ultimaltely's the head coach's responsibility, he is always the one who takes the fall. This should send a clear message to some of the players- if they dont perform up to their capabilities they might be gone as well. I woud have thought that Pow!Pow! would have been fired with Marshall as well, seems that where the problems with the Cats lie.

5-13 last season and 0-4 this season, that's not a path the Ti-cats wanted to continue on. Someone had to be the scapegoat, and more often then not that's the head coach (that's just how professional sports works). The Ti-cats still have a chance to turn their season around (being only one game out of a play-off spot) and they thought the best way was to shake things up and I agree with that.

As far as having time to gel, how much more time do they need? They've already played 6 games together and spent over a month and a half in training camp and on the practice field.

How do you really feel?

how dare they make the decision without consulting you. how dare they. the complete and utter nerve. :twisted:

For starters Marshall had trouble counting to twelve.....

Seriously though, he wasn't getting the job done. Every game that a coach coaches in is one game closer to getting fired. While its nice that you feel so passionately about Marshall, thats quite an emotional rant you made.

Remember coaches are hired and fired on win-loss records. Marshall just wasn't getting it done.

Is this season for CFL boycotts?

Ti-Cats' fans threatening to boycott or cancel season-tix if Marshall was kept as HC.

This "fan" saying he's cancelling because Marshall was fired.

Some of the fans in Sask are telling people to boycott the Leader-Post because they've been too mean to their team.

Imagine on the eve of the season, they had the temerity to refer to Riders as being "mediocre."

bad press is better than none at all...

Problem for Marshall was the trend...It kept getting worse...Really he should have been let go at the end of last season. Young wanted him to have equal talent to coach with. He did this year and it has been a disaster. When you can't beat Montreal at home when they take 200 yards in penalty, there is no reason to imagine the situation will get better.

Marshall fired himself.

Really. Boycotting your team because the coach was fired. You have the right to disagree with the decision, but the only person you'll hurt by not renewing your season tickets is yourself.

Bob Young did not make Marshall a scapegoat. He said he'd probably want Marshall to play a role with the organisation next year, but that he felt Greg did not have enough experience to face off with the likes of Matthews and Buono. Which is true by the way. But one is the most winningest coach of the CFL and the other is the one who beat the winningest coach the most often. Hard to be at par with these guys, but Marshall sure was outcoached often.

Why do you think the Cats scored only 14 points in the last two quarters of four games? Because other coaches made adjustments at the halftime while he did nothing (or at least nothing successful).

He should be a coordinator somewhere and come back as a coach in a few years.

I got 1/3 way through it before I gave up. Too funny. LOL

...i will always remember Greg Marshal ...on the sidelines with some sort of manic look in his eyes....i sometimes wonder if he had his players respect...if he didn't's a short run to the unemployment many in the past have found out... :roll:

I'd buy seasons in Hamilton just to keep a loony like that out of the stands. Kinda expecting him to go nuts and start pickin people off with a 30-30 j/k

....and I live in Regina. :open_mouth:

Fall man enough said!

I think most CFL fans thought something was going to give, in Tabbie land. My thoughts, was he would have survived a few more weeks...Old Ronny will have the boys pumping,to bad for the Stamps..

....yes, the Stamps will feel totally awful for having to show this staff upheaval will have no affect on a porous Ticat backfield and ineffective blitz protection.... seriousness though, the Hamilton players will probably be sparked by this knowing that the guy leading the on-field show now is the same guy that makes a signature on their paycheck....there has to be motivation in knowing anyone's neck is on the it enough to pull off a win this Friday?.....maybe, just maybe.....

Hamilton might just win this one... the Riders made Burris and his receivng core look much better than it actually is.... :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems like when a coach gets fired, in the CFL or other leagues...the team usually responds by playing over there heads. It would be interesting to know the stats on teams rebounding for a win, the very next game. Just might pick the Cats, in this weeks sport select.

That's always the case in any sport Hank, because players kinda feel the pressure to show they were not the problem. If they start winning after a coaching change, then it'll look like the former HC was the problem. If they keep losing, the next heads to roll won't be on the sidelines.