Greg Marshall's future

Suppose…horror of horrors…GM takes the Argo Head Coaching job . Well, one good turn deserves another, so can we say
As far as I know hes still at home and being paid by the Blue guys , so allowing for outstanding obligations being met, would this not be a terrific move ? As a defensive co-ordinator, I dont think anyone did it better than he. Hes a proven entity in the CFL, and at this stage a lot of our near future hangs on that Defence . If the worst happens, what well need is a seamless changeover and Stublers experience rules out panic changes or poor assessment of talent , to which the less experienced are prone. Stubler DOESNT have to PROVE anything to anyone, hes past that...his focus was always on winning, something his Defences were renowned for. Heck, he even made OShea look good ! ( had to get that in!)
I sure hope our Brain Trust will give him plenty of consideration should Plan B be required.

Just curious. Who makes a better head coach, someone promoted from the OC position or someone promoted from the DC position. I was just wondering if there are any stats on that.

That would be very interesting to know, for sure.

I can think of DCs who failed as head coaches (Jim Daley, Rich Stubler, Gary Etcheverry) and also DCs who excelled as head coaches (Don Matthews, Wally Buono).

And I'd suggest that Marcel Bellefeuille has been a better head coach than he ever was an OC. ..

Wasn’t Ralph Sazio also a DC?

I'd like to see Rich come in,would tweak the competition between the Cats and the Boatmen and rich is a good D coach. Give Rich the rock. :thup: :slight_smile:

Both Stubler and Marshall make great DC's, yet still i'd be very sad to see Marshall go.I'd like to see him as HC of the Ticat's one day.
But for now, MB is doing a very admirable job as HC :thup:

If The Argos Hired Marshall I look for Ticats To Try Get Dave Richie as the DC.
TSN Said Ritchie would like to Get Argos Head Coaching Job
This would take him out of Retirement .
So If he would offered the same thing as as we did Marshall
I could see Hamilton Signing him

Right now TSN is Saying

Greg Marshall Dave Ritchie and Dough Berry are on the short List as of Now.

I will give a Dark horse Danny Barrett If not given the head Job at UB
I don't think He stay with Them.
The Argos will Jump all over him Trying to sign him.

I think go down this way (1) Barrett if He stays at UB Then look for Argo to sign Berry
If that don't work Greg Marshall would be next follow by Dave Ritchie

It's nice to dream about Stubler but there's no evidence to suggest he even wants to coach in Canada anymore. Virtually incommunicado since he was fired.

If Obie and MB are convinced Marshall's system was the way to go then the next logical step would be to promote either Miller or Kropke who could continue and/or modify the exisiting system.

There really isnt anyone else out there (unless Bombers clean house). Continuity is the key. Does anyone want a third different system in three years?

Promote from within.

Don't suppose, if Marshall were to leave, that anyone would want Kavis Reed back?

Relax, just joking. . .

Greg has a good chance, but why has he been turned down so often. Low key kind of guy doesn't seem to have the fire to be a head coach, but then.

Greg Marshall could be heading back to Winnipeg as Head Coach according to Drew Edwards on his "Scratching Post" blog.

As much as I want him to stay, Greg Marshall is just what Bummerland needs right now.

He was Jim Trimble's DC, as Joe Restic later served as DC under Ralph.

Most head coaches today are hired with an offensive pedigree in the CFL. I prefer defensive-minded head coaches generally speaking (e.g. Sazio, Matthews, Buono), but it ultimately comes down to the man, not the side of the ball he comes from.

Oski Wee Wee,


There is no better candidate than Greg Marshall to coach the Bombers in 2010. He will be gone. I'm sure Obie and Bellefuelle are already looking for someone to replace him.

Very smart man. Late 30`s. 9 CFL years coaching experience.

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Zontar has it right. I prefer Brad Miller over John Kropke, especially because of his experience.

Brad Miller entered the coaching ranks more than 20 years ago at Riverside College in California. He has since had success coaching defensive and special teams units at Portland State University, Birmingham Barracudas, Edmonton Eskimos, Green Bay Packers, Montreal Alouettes and Toronto Argonauts.

Miller coached two seasons in Montreal (2006-07) as a defensive line coach, with specific focus on the defensive ends, and eventually added Assistant Head Coach to his title. The 2006 Als finished first in the East and boasted a front line that finished fourth in the CFL in sacks. In both 2006 and 2007 his line was among the most proficient at preventing rushing touchdowns in the entire league.

Prior to joining the Alouettes, he spent five seasons with the NFL’s Green Bay Packers (2001-05). He was a Special Teams Assistant with the Packers in 2005 after having spent the previous four seasons as a defensive assistant. Green Bay won three division titles and made the playoffs four times during Miller’s tenure.

While in Edmonton (1996-00), he coached former Argo and CFL Hall of Fame linebacker Willie Pless and won a Grey Cup championship in 1997. He was named Defensive Coordinator in 2000 and his unit was among the top-four in 11 different defensive categories. Miller broke into the CFL with the Birmingham Barracudas (1995) as a linebackers coach.

A steward of football in Canada, the Pasadena, California native helped to found the Varsity Stars game which later evolved into the CIS East-West Bowl. Today the game is renowned as the preeminent prospects game for CFL scouts and evaluators.

Miller started coaching in 1986 at Riverside College in California and led his team to five Bowl Games in eight years. In 1994, he was hired by Portland State University and a remarkable 14 players from his 1994 roster went on to play in the NFL.

Born on May 30, 1963 in Pasadena, California, Brad played tight end at Oregon State. He and his wife Lisa have two boys, Anselmo Robert and Elijah David, and a daughter named Alexis.

If Greg doesn't end up with a job as head coach now he better give up. I wonder what the conditions were when he left Peg. Hes the opposite of Kelly hes a quiet reserved person.

Although obviously I wish Greg success and for him to do whatever is best for himself but would love to see him back as DC.

The Bombers passed him over the first time when they hired Kelly.. might be some sort of friction there. maybe he wont want to go back to them?

HC, its just a title Greg, we hope you stay. You did a great job for the Cats in 09.
Doc 8)

True Mr Mopar its just title, you forgot to mention a HUGE wage increase also! What ever Greg decides to go either Toronto or Winnipeg I wish you nothing but the best! Thanks for all you did with the Cats!

At this point, I don't expect Greg Marshall to be the chosen one in either WPG or TOR. It's very unlikely that either will choose an HC before naming or confirming a GM.

In TOR, even ownership may have to be settled first and I don't believe Marshall has any connection with the likes of Braley and Rita or Tillman. If Braley buys, Rita stays and would have to basically admit his previous error in not hiring Marshall before. That's not Rita's style. Likewise with Tillman, if he beats the wrap and ends up replacing Rita for the current owners. Eric too has chosen others as HC's when Marshall was a candidate.

A new GM in WPG is most likely to choose someone with whom he's had a past association and I don't, so far, see a probable GM candidate with that Marshall connection.