Greg Marshall

When the Riders fired Marshall, consensus among media and fans was that without a doubt, Greg Marshall would be coachiung again in the CFL, at the very least as a defensive coordinator, and many, many, many successful coordinators have failed in brief stints as head coaches and then returned to successful coordinating (Burratto, Stubler, etc).

We've had a whole lot of coaching changes this off season.

In BC, Buono made way for Benevides to take over the head coach reigns, vacating the d coordinator duties. Stubler took over that role. Marshall was never even mentioned.

Stubler came sideways from Edmonton. The Esks promoted from within. Marshall's name was never mentioned.

In Toronto, Jim Barker, like Buono, moved upstairs and hired Scott Milanovich as his HC. Milanovich plucked Chris Jones out of Calgary in another sideways DC move. Marshall to the best of anyone's knowledge was never considered.

Calgary needed to replace Jones, again they promoted from within. Did Huf speak to Marshall at all?

Montreal hired Reinebold as DC. A blast from the long ago past, but again no hint or rumour at all of Marshall.

Hamilton lost DC Chamblin to Saskatchewan. I would assume that O'Bie, knowing Marshall very well would have considered him, but not a single sniff of Marshall's name attached to that job.

In 2004 Matt Dunigan took the HC job for a very poorly run Calgary Stampeder team. Even if he didn't make any rookie coaching errors, 7 or 8 wins would have been considered a great job considering what he had to work with there. But at a laughingstock 4-14, he was poison, and no one would touch his brilliant football savvy mind. To this day he has not coachedm and has not ever really received a serious offer.

Last year Marshall was hired in his first HC role, and was immediately handcuffed with no rush end and the league's worst secondary, yet was expected to win a Grey Cup. Has Taman killed Marshall's coaching career much like Feterik/Fateri ownership killed Dunigan's?

Will Taman do the same to Chamblin?

...GM is being paid to watch soap operas all day long, it may be he'd rather do that than actually work...

I think with Marshall, it's a case of he'd see Def. Coordinator as a step back at this point. I would suspect him and Marcel Bellefeuille might have a reunion in Ottawa. Heck, with what Marcel did towards pulling the Ti-Cats out of the 2000's basement, I wouldn't be shocked if the new Ottawa team seeks him out to build the team up for a few years.

Sorry prairiedog, there were rumblings about Marshall having been under consideration in Montreal:

And now, he has been hired as the Alouettes’ defensive co-ordinator and secondary coach while former Saskatchewan head coach Greg Marshall, who has gained his reputation co-ordinating defences, was passed over.

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

That would then be the very first time that I have heard Marshall's name since he was fired.

And I think that still gives me a strong case, to see has name mentioned once when every off season for the past 10 years he has been mentioned in 2-4 different cities, repeatedly. Why has interest dropped off so horribly dramatically? Did he suddenly become stupid? Not likely.

And on a similar note, where's Doug Berry?

These guys were perfectly good coordinators for many many years. All of a sudden they are poison?

Don’t forget Marshall gets paid $220,000 per year for two more years to not coach.

Teams have to negotiate with the Riders and that would likely turn off some teams and there is no incentive for Marshall to take a job to essentially make the same money he is making now and incur the expenses of relocating again.

$600 000.00 rush to judgement by the Riders

Montreal approached Berry about their oline position and wasn't really interested.

I believe he is ST coordinator in Hamilton.

You are thinking of Daley, he is in Hamilton(this should be fun). Not sure where Doug Berry is though.

It'll be interesting where GM shows up next and he will show up next I'm sure.

Oops. :oops: You're right. I hold the two in similar regard, and thus mix them up on occasion. :wink:

Haha as much as dislike Berry, I still hold him A LOT higher then Daley. :smiley: This year I will finally see if it was our schemes, or just who we had on special teams that was bad.

I find having two Greg Marshalls involved in football in Canada — both are (or were) head coaches — more than a little confusing sometimes. Maybe the Argos should hire them both and clear up the confusion :lol:

Both were TiCat coaches too. Hard to figure out which one they're talking about sometimes.

That's for sure. When I learned the coach for the under 19 World Bowl (or international bowl or whatever it's called now) was Greg Marshall (with no reference as to which one) I had to do a double take and wait 'til I actually saw him on screen to know which one.

I think Marshall (the coach of the Mustangs) deserves a head coaching chance in the CFL after that magnificent game and plan he put together for the World Bowl and only having a week to prepare the team. He (and his assistants and players) did an outstanding job.

Marshall was in a tough spot, but he also was not great with the media, and it is well known he is not a motivational speaker...he himself said that he did not do big motivational speeches prior to games and that the athletes shouldn't need it at this point. He just did not give off a great vibe overall from the start. Like I said...he was in a hard spot, but he did himself no favors. I am sure he learned a lot from it for the future.

Marshall may recognize where his personality failed him as a HC, but I don't think there's much he can do to change it. Nobody can suddenly become a player's coach....just like you can't pull a guy out of the IT Department and put him in the role of sales rep.

Either you have charisma or you don't. What I don't understand is how the "brain trust" in Saskatchewan didn't figure this out before hiring Marshall. Surly with the media, detatched from the players - - the exact opposite of what a football HC needs to be today.

The gold standard of what a football HC should be is Jimmy Johnson. Brilliant at managing personalities and egos within a team, fantastic motivator and one of the most media savvy coaches ever. On top of all that he had a great football mind and was an excellent evaluator of talent. Johnson's biggest fault was that he couldn't help himself from butting heads with upper management that tried to meddle with the team.