Greg Marshall

I truly believe Greg Marshall is one of the main reasons we have turned this team around. He has brought the tough defensive team that Hamilton is use to, and have been in search for a long time. Congrats to Bob for bringing him in.

Congrats to Marcel for recommending the hire! After the Reed and Creehan debacles, it is great to have a DC who knows how to put his players in the right position to make plays and LETS THEM PLAY! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


He is HUGE!!!!

Between Obie's work on re-stocking the defence and Greg Marshall's impact, surely this has to be one of the most incredible turnarounds any defence has had in the CFL in such a short period of time.

The offense did everything they could int he 1st 3Q's to HAND this game to the Stamps, the D said EF you O you aint handing SHIAT to anybody, we is TAKING this game.

Greg Marshall was the BEST offseason acquisition the Cat's made!!!

Feels good after all those tough years. :smiley:

Hamilton's football heritage is built on team defence. We have the horses to shock some people: with more consistency in execution and a break in our injury situation, we can be a factor in November.

Oski Wee Wee,

I have to pinch myself to believe it. But I think it may actually be true.

I think this may have been the biggest improvement we made in the off-season, and tonight it really showed. Currently, our starting front seven is entirely different from last year with the exception of Knowlton (Adams of course is on the IR). Some of these guys were big question marks at the start of the season, and even with injuries to Adams and McIntyre, we are still doing an exceptional job upfront. The question is, are the results because of OB finding great players or the coaching of Marshall. I think both are factors, but my gut says Marshall is taking some solid players and turning them into great team of players.

I was concerned about our defense earlier this year even up to tonight, because statistically, even though they had a good ranking in terms of points against, they were at the bottom of the league when it comes to yards given up. After tonights game, I am no longer concerned.

This defense showed they can play with the best tonight. Kudos to them and coach Marshall for turning things around.


Greg Marshall the Cats Defensive and assistant head coach has done a great job this year but I think all our coaches have excelled under the direction of Head Coach Marcel Bellefeuille and GM Bob O'Billovich.

On a team you give credit where credit is due and Coach Marshall has done great at getting this defense to gel but he has also been very blessed with a very good young team that is coming together very nicely and if all the coaches keep this team players and coaches intact this team will become a Winner in not only the regular season but in the playoffs and future Grey Cups.

The Tiger-Cat organization has been designed as it should be as a Professional Football Organization by and from Bob Young down, and it's great watching the team work together as a entire team under the direction of Marshall, Bellefeuille, Obie and all the coaches, assistants, scouts and staff!!!

Keep up the great work Coach Marshall and all our Tiger-Cats!!

Let's Eat The Al's Raw Ti-Cats, Go Cats Go!!!!

I noticed Greg helping Marcel with clock management late in the game. Great on him for having his head in the game while we are on O... and great on Marcel for taking the input.

Greg will finally get his shot as a head coach soon, and we're gonna lose him.

I wonder whether Marshall regrets that he never got the chance to work under Mike Kelly in the Peg?