Greg Marshall

Our defense gives up to many completed passes, our secondary needs fixing, is it coaching that is the problem or players or both. Is it time to dump Marshall, his name always comes up for coaching job, but never gets hired. Its time to shore up this problem. He was great when he got here, but now I'm starting to wonder.

great start and no he is as awful as the rest. if he can;t recognize that every play edmonton ran was wuthin 7 yards and make an adjustment to fix it why does he still have a job. they did in the previous game we hosted them in the regular season and again here. swing passes, hitches, short ourts, slants, and crossing routes is all the had. no fly's posts. corners. nothing over 10 yards minus the broken coverage on campbell.honestly make your dam linebacker cover the running back like he is supposed to or put zone coverage in the short flats and 50% of the plays don;t happen. like i could see that from the first drive and yet he never fixed it. he is a joke of a defensive coach.