Greg Marshall turned down ESKIMOS job

1 week before he took the job at Western Ontario, he rejected a 1 year remaining coaching deal with the Edmonton Eskimos.

Western Ontario offer was on the table at the time, so it seems he preferred to coach the Mustangs rather than the Eskimos.

I also found out that he has a clause in his contract that the can leave the team after the 2006 season to coach in the CFL.

That was too kind.

No marsupials were harmed in the accuracy of Jerk's post: priceless!

he denied the job in edmonton because of the location, he didnt want to have to move his family around, hes a family man and it shows that they come first, man we let go a great guy,.

Craig Yeast?

i really hope your joking.

It's too bad that great guys don't automatically make great coaches.

An Argo fan