Greg Marshall (the other). Its official!!!!

I guess we won't have to call him "the other" any more. He is now THE #1 Greg Marshall . :smiley:
Welcome aboard coach. Can't wait to see you work your magic here and give us some more of that "stout defence" you are known for. :rockin:

Gregโ€™s hiring is indeed, great news. Watch him turn our defense around.
I fully expect to see more sacks of opposition QBs this season.

It is so important that our defense is good enough to hurry opposing QBs whether they
sack them or not.A good defense, especially up front along the line can drive offenses crazy.
Not only does it slow down or stop the running game it pressures the offense into hurrying
throws and changing plays at the line of scrimmage.

I think Greg Marshall can give us this new dimension.

Great HIre! Great for the team and great for Marshall to get out of a bad situation...

Without a doubt this signing is one of the biggest we have made in a long time, Coach Marshall is as good as they come when you talk about defensive pressure and sound defense. He will not only help our on field production but coach Marshall significantly increases our team's off field knowledge as well. I guarantee we will have a better prepared defense each week this season.

This signing will make our defensive backs really happy and less under stress when they actually have a scheme that involves getting pressure on the opposing QB, resulting in some rushed and lame duck passes for our guys to pick off.

Look for Chris Thompson to have another great season like last year, just imagine how many interceptions he would have if we actually got pressure. He ended up with 9 INTs. last season but could have easily picked off another 4-6 if we had any pressure whats so ever.

So I say WELCOME coach Marshall!

I'm looking forward to a great defensive season now that you are here!

It's really good news for sure.

Little stability in Hamilton and nuke sized craters in Winnipeg and Toronto....With some key signings and a good draft Ticats could be logical picks for second place in the East.

this is indeed a great day for tiger-cat football,in my opinion, the single most important, crucial move the cats will make this off-season. i know he's not an all star wr or a stud dlineman but greg brings instant credibility to an organization that has been starving for it since RL brought DMAC and #82 here 10 years ago. not since sudsy have we had a DC that commands respect -and he will get it. i can tell you that he will make alot of these guys play over their heads and with the hopeful addition of jerome haywood, look out cat fans, i think this is the beginning of the turnaround...for real.


I'm so glad to finally see it's official. I always wondered if Marshall would be willing to take a lateral move into a bit of a messy situation. Looks like the 'Cats enticed him with the designation of assistant head-coach, which in my opinion means he would be next in line if Marcel fails to deliver. Interesting note in the Spec article that he has two daughters in school at Guelph and Laurier. This could also have had an influence.

While it will take more than a coach to fix our defense, this really is a great acquisition, that I believe will quickly deliver improved results. Time will tell just how much a difference this will make.


Welcome, Coach Marshall. Best of luck and wishes for success in Hamilton. I hope you'll help us make our defence the feared one that Hamilton was always known for.