"Greg Marshall Stresses Patience"

Greg Marshall better stress his Job!

Seriously, Takes Time to gel. When are the excuses going to end. Every team has to gel but for some reason they gel faster then us. BS. That's what camp is for, i'm sick of his excuses, im sick of excuses, for Boreham. Marshall has confidence in Boreham, well that would be my decision to Fire. Fire. Fire.

I hate to say it but Greg is getting soft. :thdn:
I watched as Borham missed his 4 field goal the other night.....Greg patted him on the head like he was his son. These guys "report and play" for him. If Mr. Marshall knows what's good for his career he may want to raise the bar or else the team will see the weakness and lack of passion. Mr. Marshall, you may want to join the coacing school of Bill Cowher as his "boys" know what the expectation is.


Greg is right. Be patient.

Two games indicates not much of anything other than it'll take a little time for the offence to get to know each other on the field.

This is very common for the CFL whose training camp and pre-season are quite short. This is a brand new offence.

If you've been around football for a while, you come to know that this is nothing new.

....sound like another just willing to set the bar low. I would assume that you were "happy" with a 50/50 season last year too....truely sad.
Sorry but been around a long time, almost 20 years in this stadium and in the same section. Just can't agree with your rationale. :cowboy:

Wait until Labour Day.
If there are not a few wins in the W column and if the team is still playing like a bunch of sad sacks then we can start calling for his head.

Yes, the team is 0-2 and some patience is required. Some of the mistakes being made are because of the coaching, if after another 7 games there is little or no improvement then Greg may be looking for a new job.

I'm not happy about it either but good things come to those who wait.
Let's wait a little bit longer and it may get pretty good