Greg Marshall New OC In Toronto?

... I dont know why but for some reason I cant help to believe that the Toronto is going to hire Greg Marshall On Monday afternoon when Pinball said he would adress the vacant OC Postion. Call me crazy but what do you people think?


Not a snowball's chance in Cuba.

Methinks Damon will be running the show for the remainder of the season.


l think pinball will take over the OC for the rest of the season and then Damon Allan will retire as a player and be named the new OC.

According to today's edition of The Toronto Sun, Argo receivers coach Paul Lapolice will assume the role of offensive coordinator with some input from Argo GM Adam Rita.

ya i think the oc will be taken by some with in the argos

Wow!..if that's true, thanks for the 'heads-up'.

Great opportunity for Paul and I believe he's up for the challenge. I always liked the man as he works hard and takes his job seriously.
I understand he's kept a good relationship with the Ticats even after he left so that speaks well of his character...

(I hope he succeeds but only after we make his offence look silly next week......hahaha....sorry Paul, that's the way of the world in Ticat land).... :lol:



Lapolice is a bad coach IMO. I didnt like watching him work with our receivers in practice last year, he really talked down to them like they were all children.

I didnt like the guy one bit. I dont think Torontos offence will get any better with him in charge.

Good. Make him their OC then for sure.

Doubt it... unless Western feels like sharing him...


I don't get it, and i feel left out!

Marshall got hired by UWO today... or yesterday... or whenever....

no no, I get that part. The Chapstick part........

i beleive it could be equated to "gee.... did someone leave a vacuum on?" type of call....

The Argos say LaPolice is the new O.C. but for all intents and purposes its Mr.Damon Allen.

Adam Rita wiil have strong input in game plans. After all he's the boss.

And Rita was the OC 3 years ago.

adam rita is taking over