Greg Marshall is the new Head Coach

CFL.CA hasn't mentioned it yet but it has been announced that the Riders are about to hire Greg Marshall as their next Head Coach!

I for one, love it.

I think this guy is finally getting his just deserved chance to make his mark on this league as a Head Coach.

Now we just need to know what his plans are.

This should be interesting!!

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Roughrider fans. Here's a new update. Cheers and Happy New Year to all. :thup:

This guy has deserved it the past couple years.I just wished that Obie would remove the blinders, fire MB and hire Marshall as HC.Looks like you beat us to it :thup:

Becoming more Blue and Gold by the month :slight_smile:

yeah, I was a little disappointed in that aspect as well. However, he has been fairly solid anywhere he has coached.

I for one am excited about Marshall as our new HC and fully expect the success to continue in Riderville. Shivers took the team from a basement team and made it a contender, Tillman put the team over the top, now it is up to Miller and Taman to maintain a very strong Roughrider team. This is a good choice, and a step in the right direction in maintaining a Roughrider team that has won the West three out of the past four seasons.

Nice to see a new head coach enter the CFL ranks. I am very curious to see how Marshall pans out in Saskatchewan. I expect mistakes, but he's also at the helm of a very strong franchise so he should be insulated at different levels. Almost as big a question is who'll be Marshall's DC. I hope they actually hire someone for the job. Head coaches who double as coordinators generally don't do very well at either job.

Roles are very defined in the football offices in Saskatchewan. He will do well.

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Here's the link; Coach Marshall being hired by the Roughriders.

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Read much? Marshall started his coaching career with--wait for it--THE SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS-- he was here for 5 years.... it seems that the Blue & Gold have more than their fair share of our retreads... even Taman got his start with the green and white too... in a small league like this one, a lot of teams are bound to have coaches, players etc.. that have made connections elsewhere..

Berry, Daley and Marshall… The connection is all Taman.

Daley won't be back HfxTC!

and Marshall started in Regina first. he wasn't in Winnipeg Very Long.

try harder!!!!

My thoughts on our new coach from the 2011 Sask Riders group (for anyone who cares :roll: ):

As a conscious observer of the Tiger-Cats (as we all know by now, I'm sure!) the team last year suffered mainly from ego and QB issues. The defence went from a distant 8th in the CFL in 2008 to at least 4th (behind BC, Winnipeg, Toronto and Edmonton). That's not too shabby and Marshall was often hailed for his skills around here because of those results. I think this appointment signals that the Riders wish to continue to build a defense powerhouse while maintaining and nurturing their offensive talent. The only thing that could serve as a danger right now is if folks like Fantuz bail to other teams/the NFL as Marshall will likely need to get settled in; having some pre-existing talent like those of DD and our receivers will be a very nice advantage!

New coach means he should bring in his own staff. We don't want to repeat what Edmonton did with Hall and force a staff on the HC and to have the HC also run the defense. I'm hoping for a dynamic offense and conservative defense. Until we know the coaching staff it's too early to say how this will work out. Marshall has done well where ever he's gone, so I think he has the intellect to lead the team, now he needs to surround himself with a talented, bright staff.

Now that we have our coach it's time to make sure Lance Frazier gets signed. As Mr. Marshall knows good defense I think he will agree that Lance should be a top priority.

Remember Marshall DID start his CFL coaching career with the Green Riders. He was Green before he was Blue and Gold.