Greg Marshal gotta feel sorry for the guy...can't get a break.. IF the story out of Mont. is true...that they hired an in-experienced nfl coach by the name of Trestman (goodluck with that one)....I think the Bombers have lucked out by keeping Marshal (for the time being)...He would be hard to replace...So they didn't want a very experienced winner in Greg...hmmmm....maybe a little more incentive for Marshals game-plans when we play the Als..... take em apart Greg... :rockin: :wink:

I agree with you, Marshall has been the bridesmaid several times now. I have a feeling he will make a good HC in this league...just needs the chance.
Hopefully that will come in Ottawa If and when they return.

It's odd about Marshall, he has missed out on the HC job in Edmonton, Winnipeg, and now (apparently) in Montreal. With his track record you'd think he'd have landed a HC gig by now, wonder what the problem is; maybe he doesn't do well in interviews or something....