Greg Marshal for Head Coach- Poll

Hey OBIE how about it????????? :cowboy:

and he would be better because???

He knows how to prepare for games and he's not afraid to let his team hear it if they're not playing the way he wants.

He is more of a diciplinarian the Marcel.
I remember one game the Def. was playing very poorly and I thought coach Marshall was going to have a nut on the sidelines.
You don’t see it that often but the wrath of Greg is probably something to be avoided. :lol:

Remember the last time we had a head coach running up and down the sidelines yelling at everyone?

Stay the course.

It is not the demeanour of the head coach that concerns me. I've seen plenty of successful head coaches who do not have the disposition of baby eaters. My concern is how does he enforce high standards in quality control re his coordinators and position coaches if/when he is not a playcaller.

Change does have to be made at OC at a minimum. It may be the compromise Marcel must make to keep his job, IMHO.
I do not find him to be the main issue. Compared to Charlie Taaffe and Kollege Koach, he's frickin' Vince Lombardi. LMAO

The status quo will not beat the Montreal programme anytime soon at crunch time because even basic tenets of game management seem to escape Gibby at the WORST moment possible.

P.S. Where is the "hire Dave Dickenson as HC" wild card option? :wink: Just floating that balloon tonight. I would say staying in-house with Marshall is a likelier scenario here if Marcel is replaced.

Oski Wee Wee,


Frank Kush ?

He did well too I might add !

I recall him making the team go out running all over Hamilton and down near the factories on Burlington St. as part of their routine training regimen

He was 11-4-1 but lost the eastern final to Ottawa.

What should I vote if I believe a coaching purge is in order but I am not certain why Marshall always fails his interviews? Is he good enough? How would anyone know although the wildly inconsistent play of the defense would make me leery? Stay the course? Not an option because the offense falls on Marcel's lap and its been horrible. I'd rather wait and see what the options are before committing to one candidate at this point

I think that's a wise approach at this point AKT. Like you, the fact that Marshall has been passed over so many times previously raises a red flag for me. There must be something there that makes GMs shy away from hiring him as HC so many times. . . well that or maybe he just gives lousy interviews. . .don't suppose we'll ever really know. . .

Drew says Obie and Marcel aren't going anywhere.

However, perhaps an internal move would be prudent. The team should be succession planning and perhaps Marcel could move into an assistant GM position like the other Marcel in Montreal.

If Dickenson or Milanovich are available for HC that should solve the OC problem here too.

Is Richie Hall capable of coaching the offence?

How about bringing back Mark Murray as O-line coach ?.....he's always been a hell of a coach

8) I suspect that "Crash" is referring to the other Greg Marshall, not Frank Kush. :roll:
8) NO.
 Richie Hall is a Defensive Coaching Specialist.

Drew Edwards just reported that Marcel would be kept as coach. Seems like only Obie and Marcel are safe as far as coaches and football ops go from what Drew's source told him.

"#Ticats coach Bellefeuille's job safe: source

A source with knowledge of the situation says that head coach Marcel Bellefeuille won't be fired in the wake of Sunday's 16-13 loss to the Argonauts in the Eastern semifinal.

The club still has to through their internal review process but Bellefeuille will be the coach at the start of next season.

“The reality is this: Obie and Marcel aren't going anywhere,? the source said.

I'll have more later."

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MB is not going the Spec

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If Gibson goes I would give Marcel one more chance. However, that last call was brutal, should have kicked the field goal.
Marcels inexperience really seems to show up at the worst possible time.
They say there are three type of bosses or [coachs] in the world.

  1. One who cracks the whip and demands results.
  2. One who plays it save and is buddy buddy with everyone, [this best fits marcel].
  3. Clueless boss, [Marcel has shown traces of this at times].