Greg kicker in the Hammer

So I just seen on The Scratching post site that we have signed arena kicker Greg Gudnersen...I'll attach a link of his video..which I say is very impressive, and if he can do this in training camp, sandro and even medlock in my opinion are done..this kid was hitting it from 50 60 yards each was ridiculous and he can punt as well aaround 50-55 yards...anyways so watch the video and im wondering what everyone thinks of our kicking situation...give sandro another chance or who will prevail? should we go with a canadian and american punter, only canadians, only american?

Any relation to "Margie" Gunderson, police chief of Fargo, North Dakota ? :lol: :lol: :wink:

Wounder How he'll do with a Rush in his Face and Lineman trying to block it
a 65 yard kick would have start for very low trajectory and should be blocked

it was a nice kick and it means he has a huge leg
The odds are stack that Sandro
Maybe He won't get his job back.

huh?.. :roll: .....same as every other kicker does it I would imagine.

...I just now actually watched the video.

pretty darn good leg if you ask me :slight_smile:

Sandro could be toast.

Maybe Wilbur as well, as it sounds like the guy can punt too. Unfortunate, that.

Gundersen is gunderbar. :thup:

Sandro IS toast

no way he beats out Medlock and this guy, i think Medlock will win the job, we wont even need a kicker to kick over a 55 yard fg, maybe a 60 once in a dyer situation, the risk is too high in the canadian game, to many good returners who could turrn our very unlikly 3 points into 7.

he's a left footer kicker we already have 1 of those (sarcasm)

did a little research

at wayne state he went 21-27 on FG with a long of 48 in 2003-2004
avg punt was 40.3 yrds

in the IFL (Indoor Football League) he went 9-21 on FG indoors and in the MSFL (Mid-State Football League) he went 11-13 outdoors

he ran a 4.6 40, quite impressive for a kicker

Ti-Cats had him in camp in 2006 and we cut him, so this is his second try out with us

looking at his onfield stats, not his youtube videos, he does not seem as impressive as i once thought, but he most definetly is still worth a look

A story published by his most recent team on him signing here. They do make a good point, his stats may not good great in the AFL, but you must take into consideration how small the goal posts are compared to cfl/nfl...and also how far they kick from to try and get it through...I like his chances, it's worth a shot.

When Sandro sees how Gunderful this guy really is he'll start jogging many miles and doing thousands of pushups. :wink:

I'd say Sandro would be wasting his time...after his performance last season.
Even if he is the best kicker in training camp I don't think this team can afford to take a chance on him again.
I rank Sandro and Jason Maas two of the biggest player disappointments this team has experienced since 2006.

I Rank 2 more right up there both where Running back Kenton Keith and Corry Holmes

QB. Printers, Casey.

End of discussion.

AFL's Utah Blaze Kicker Signs with Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Utah Blaze
Arena Football League
May 18, 2011

SALT LAKE CITY – The Utah Blaze are pleased to announce that K Greg Gundersen (6-0, 190, Wayne State) has signed a contract with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League.

During Gundersen’s time with the Blaze, the kicking game improved dramatically after Gundersen took over the helm. In six games, Gundersen connected on 43-of-53 extra point attempts, averaging 81 percent. In the first two games, the Blaze were just 5-of-12 on extra point attempts, averaging only 42 percent.

Gundersen feels his AFL experience will be beneficial for his future based on the degree of difficulty the AFL kicking game brings. The goal posts in arena football are only nine feet wide and have a 15 foot high cross bar, compared to the NFL and CFL which are 18.5 feet wide and ten feet high.

“I feel like my experience in the AFL has really helped me improve,? said Gundersen. “Kicking in the AFL can be intimidating with the smaller goal posts, so my game has improved more here than any other time in my career.?

Gundersen is excited for the opportunity he has in front of him, and is grateful to the Blaze staff for the time he was able to spend in Utah.

“I wasn’t signed anywhere, and Utah gave me a chance. Now I get to move on to a higher level of the game,? he said. “I’ll always be grateful to them for giving me that chance.?

Gundersen will return home to Arizona to train for two weeks before reporting to Hamilton’s pre-season camp June 1.


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On the video he was kicking them one after another from 56 Yards US, isn't that the equivalent of 66 yards in Canada?
The goal posts in the US are 10 yards behind the goal line.


But how does he do inside the 20???

This is my favourite part of that article

“I wasn’t signed anywhere, and Utah gave me a chance. [u]Now I get to move on to a higher level of the game[/u],? he said. “I’ll always be grateful to them for giving me that chance.?