GREG gets gig....

…According to tsn. it’s a done deal…they’ll work-out the final details of the contract today and make it official tomorrow…IF their sources are right…(i hope it;s not Naylor or hfxtc) then welcome back Greg :thup: …( i was going to say kotter…but that’s another era) . I would say the cats can start their hunt for a replacement…good luck :wink:

Interesting choice. I wonder what this means for Matsakis and Nelson?

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Wrong again, Papa. LaPolice is the new Bomber HC, if he wants the job.

....sorry my friend.....i'll go with tsns' version.....Greg Marshall is the man....from their site this morning... :wink:

....they both can't be right.....and someones wrong... :lol:

......maybe we hired them both....Marshall and LaPolice :lol: ......and Mastakis (one yr. contract) and Nelson are done.....I hope they give us some official answers soon... :roll:

Accoding to the Ticat beat writer's blog, Marshall himself has said he has not been offered the Bomber HC job.

....apparently our own media says it's LaPolice and the bod is split down the middle.......hmmmmmm....this is turning out to be one of those.....'.MAYBE NO ONE KNOWS FOR SURE'....i bet Mack is having a great giggle... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oy. What a mess. I can't remember the last time two major sports sites had completely opposite directions on a major CFL story? Is Marshall just saying the right thing until the deal is official? Or has TSN gaffed again?

LaPolice is a good hire. He has put his time in, is offensive-minded, and has a lot of connections around the league (maybe he will sign Jyles and several of the Rider FA's, being a coach on the Riders last year?).

Marshall will definitely shake his head at this one. Not even his old Winnipeg connections could get him the Bomber HC job. Will he be happy being second choice for HC in TO?

Maybe someone in Toronto is trying to take the heat off the Argos by making us look just as disorganized. Have to assume Marshall is going somewhere…but where?

TSN has now changed their story to match the one from Sportsnet. So it looks like LaPolice after all.

Not looking forward to facing a LaPolice offense in our division. He's a good, creative football mind with tons of CFL experience. Head and shoulders above the Professor. Winnipeg is going to be for real this year, provided they can get some stability at the QB position.

Interesting...IIRC he wasn't even on the radar when we started...but we can't get Cortez or Milanovitch, so maybe it still came down to offence over defence. Could some of our "real fans" fill me in on his offensive philosophy when he was last in town?

Glad they went with the Offensive minded coach...

Greg Marshall must be wondering what the heck he has to do to get a HC gig...although, there's still Toronto...

CJOB is also going with LaPolice:



Saskatchewan Roughriders Offensive Co-Ordinator Paul LaPolice will be the new Head Coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers... if he wants to.

CJOB has learned the Bombers have offered him the job. LaPolice is familiar to the city working with the Bombers offense in 2002 and 2003.

The official announcement, which will be broadcast live on CJOB, could be made as early as tomorrow morning.

Oh man the irony Papa was a Rolling Stone ! LOL!

I dont know what to believe anymore??? Just read that Bart Andus and Mack are meeting later today :?

I like this Mack guy :slight_smile:

Honeymoon with the board is over LOL !

This makes sense, young energetic coach who can make an offense go with young guys.

Congrats , Good Hire I think !

That's is a smart and bold move. Andrus is a fine coach, he just was not ready for a HC job on a disaster like the Argonauts. love for him to stick around our league, as OC working with Lapolice it seems like a great combination.

Don't know about that. The best we can say about Andrus is that he wasn't put in a position to succeed with the Argonauts, but that's a long way from saying he's a 'fine coach.' We have no evidence that he's a fine coach. When I think of him managing the offense in Toronto, I'll remember him flip-flopping his QBs, alienating the team's star receiver, being possibly the first CFL HC in history to hire a tight ends coach, and declaring at season's start that "football is football" instead of making an attempt to learn the Canadian game.

If he's hired in Winnipeg, I hope it works out, but the onus is on him to prove he has what it takes to succeed in this league.