Greg Ellingson!!

Greg Ellingson "The Duke" is really playing well with two TD's against Edmonton and his first CFL TD against Regina last week, if he keeps up this pace and great plays he could easily be CFL rookie of the Year in 2013?

The big thing is that he looks like he is having fun out there and enjoying playing with the Cats and the CFL just a little different from the Arena league in the US where he played with former Al's QB Adrian McPherson.

Ellingson also has Darren Fluties old number of 82 so lots to live up to but hopefully the good vibes will rub off and Ellingson will have a great season remaining and score many more TD's and catch more footballs.


I agree, BIGCAT, he is having fun and enjoying all that extra space the CFL fields give him compared to those arenas. I'm very impressed with his don't quit attitude when it comes to finding an open spot to be the chosen target for his QB on the run. A 25 year-old who could have a long, successful CFL career.

Greg is looking better out there with every passing game.

My hats off to Giguere as well. He came up with some difficult and critical catches last night. Perhaps, the injuries to Stala and Fantuz has given others the opportunity to step up and become more a part of the plan. This will only make the receiving corp stronger and deeper in the end. Not that we haven't missed Andy!!!

"Duke" Ellingson. I like that! He plays the pigskin last night with the same dexterity that "Duke" Ellington played the ivories.

very good receiver but he doesnt have to pull the BS after every TD!

This guy would like a word:

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If it bothers you so much then avert your eyes after he scores. His TD, his choice. It's not even approaching anything that would ever be flagged.

What is it with fans who feel players need to fit their delusions how how they should act?

He likes to celebrate after TD's. Like it or lump it. There isn't a thing you will ever be able to do about it.

Really liking him without a doubt. :thup:

I was actually worried about his "digging" routine possibly getting flagged, because an official with a stick up his ass might have interpreted it as taunting the nearby defender, as the "over the shoulder" motion might have been viewed as a gesture toward the defender.

Don't really know if you can call it BS. Almost every player does some sort of celebration after scoring a T.D. He does look like he's having fun out there though,and is turning out to be a real find this season.Not really up on the other rookies in the East so far this season,but he is becoming an obvious front-runner for Rookie of the year honours.T.S.N did mention that he is on pace for 1,200 + yard season.Every-time I see #82 out there it reminds me of Flutie,very similar style of play,just a little bigger version of Darren.Hopefully the great white hope aka the "Duke" will be here awhile and have a nice long career as a Cat

:rockin: :rockin:

Ellingson has played great in every game since Fantuz went out with injury,
He is a classic example of “making the most of your opportunity”
Stala like hands, gets open, loves the limelight!
When Fantuz is back in the lineup after the bye week,
Who will be the odd man out?

Stala, though I wouldn't be surprised to see him on the field a fair bit as a 5th receiver.

Agree he's played well. And he caught 6 for 120 playing alongside Fantuz in game 1.

Agree!!! But Charbonneau is most likely the odd man out,as somebody has to get bumped from the roster when Fantuz returns.My guess is that Charbonneau becomes a healthy scratch,or suddenly appears on the ever growing I.L. When Fantuz does return our receiving core will be a lethal weapon!! and should rack up a ton of points in the second half of the season.A receiving core of Fantuz,Ellingson,Grant,Giguere with Stala and Jones thrown into the mix is going to be pretty hard to stop.It should make for a lot of fun and excitment the rest of the season!!! :rockin: :smiley:

Most Oustanding Rookie. Calling it now. (if he's classified as a rookie that is)

[url=]viewtopic.php?f=5&t=83895[/url] Already have one started!!!! :wink:
[url=]viewtopic.php?f=5&t=83895[/url] Already have one started!!!! :wink:

Two TDs gets you two threads.

Oooops!!!! ....Two TDs.....same as the DUKE did last night!!!! :wink:

Who cares how or why he celebrates after a TD everyone does in their own unique way just keep scoring TD's Greg and the rest will take care of it's own!!!