Greg Carr to Sask

Jamie Nye?@jamienye

#Riders trade O'Donnell and 4th for Carr and 5th.

So Riders get Greg Carr and a 5th rounder , Esks get OT Matt O'Donnell and a 4th.

Personally I am not sure whether I like it. proof will be in the play I guess.

For those that do not know,
Matt O'Donnell was the Riders 2nd rounder in the 2011 draft. He is the guy who was looking at going to the NBA, then went to the Bengals as an OT and was then cut on the weekend.
Based on reports from Queens (where he played CIS) the guy is very full of himself so he should fit right in with Tillman.

edit: I should also note that O'Donnell is not signed, so this was just the rights that were traded.

Hello Carr. Bye bye TJH. Nice pickup. Good size and natural playmaking ability. Has had consistency issues, but maybe a bit of spark for this corps. Could push some others in the group at the very least.

...that's a good pickup for the riders

...soupman, did you really mean NBA? a 300 something pounder playing pro bball? just can't picture that


from wiki

[url='Donnell_(Canadian_football]'Don ... n_football[/url])

On May 31, 2011, it was reported that O'Donnell had chosen to delay his signing with the Roughriders due to the NBA's Boston Celtics put him through a workout session in June. This move was seen as peculiar given the fact that he had not played basketball since high school.

Matt also received interest from the Toronto Raptors and he attended a workout in June of 2011.

He is 6'9" with long limbs which is why he got a workout, but obviously it was just a stalling tactic by his douche of an agent, that Hardaway guy.

I am not saying it is true, but have heard rumors he is not a great guy in the locker room

is this ET dumping baggage? We know he wanted a big NI O-lineman

Matt O'Donnell was however just cut 4 days ago, and could land elsewhere. He has shown he does not want to play in the CFL in the past with stall tactics.


Matt could very well land elsewhere, but the bottom line is O'Donnell didn't want to play in Regina in the first place. With that the Roughriders released his rights to Edmonton for Carr who is a player that could perhaps make a difference now/along with an exchange of draft picks in the future. Chambers however will take Carr's spot.

oh, I agree…it seems win win for both sides…especially if he signs with the Esks. I’m kinda surprised there was not conditions on the draft picks to be honest…in the Esks favor…“if he signs you get this draft pick.” Perhaps BT flatly refused that.

I'm not a huge fan of the trade but it was pretty obvious that O'Donnell wasn't signing with the Riders. At least they got something for him. Surprised by the swap of the draft picks, O'Donnell has the higher ceiling, I think what you see with Carr is about all he's going to give you.

6-9 and 300 pounds? That is one oversized PF! :lol: Just to put it in perspective, the most dominant C is probably Howard, and he's 6-11 and 265. :lol:

I'm also on the fence with this trade. Seems like another gamble by Tillman.

that should raise the average receiver height by about an inch.

Carr again on the 46 man roster and now by now he shoud know the paybook and wil begin to see more time as that Big receiver to go up for Jump Balls, straters WR Taj Smith, Dressler, Getzlaff, Mchenry backed up by Hagraves at the NI position. the only receivr left on the roster is RB rec Jock sanders. The ridres will go with an extra oextra TE with use in as a receiving TE.
Looks like they have their receiving corp in place for the last six games
Home aaisnst BC could easily be a will

Disagree. This could still change a lot.

I wouldnt say a lot but a little Forster is still in the Mix but jeffers - Harris i wold say is out and if Bagg or sisco could come back that would knock Hrgraves out.
I think that Carr will be ready to go now he has already drawn a lot of attention the few series he did play drawing attention away from dressler and getz that is exactly what they need. he is the 3rd receiver with the reputation that teams will have to respect