Greg Carr cut by the Riders

Talk about bad career choices.

Guess the women were right......size isn't everything.

....He was happy in the Peg and then along came Tilman waving a few extra bucks. Carr bit on it and has regretted the move ever since....With Matthews currently on the roster I doubt we're interested..... Big mistake by Greg :roll:

Oooph. And the flack we took for letting him go. Hope things work out for Greg. Just not sure where that'll be.

Brought on by necessity. His mother was in intensive care. His father and grandmother had died days apart a couple of months earlier. IIRC he was the sole support for his siblings while his mother was ill. He needed the money.

That's tough. Thanks for sharing.

Too bad all around. Although adding him to the roster if he could regain his prior bomber form is intriguing, maybe replacing Denmark out of the current group, I doubt he finds a home here again. After the way things went down, I think the bombers understood his decision but it didn't exactly endear him to them. Matthews replaced him quite well and if Matthews bolts for an NFL opportunity they still have Doug Pierce around who has similar size. Midseason injury replacement for someone maybe?