Greg Butler - needs to be fired ASAP

Perhaps the WORST DB coach - reminds of the Gerald Bess era......................

worst OF ALL TIME!!!

Tough though for the coach when the talent on the field is undersized and lacking in talent.

I've been saying for weeks that the DC is the problem. Defensive schemes are terrible, play calling is brutal, no defensive back can cover when the opposing QB has all day to throw. It's an area that needs to be seriously revamped but the first step has to be the removal of Al Bundy.

Thank God and all the saints in heaven that we only have three more games of this fiasco. The OC is just as bad, as there was such brutal play calling and clock management at the end of the first half that Ticats got no points from inside the 20 with 26 seconds left. That is pathetic. Even Taaffe threw down his headset in disgust.

15 games in and absolutely no improvement, that shouldn't be acceptable to anyone.

As the staff gets evaluated after the season, I think most of the assistants will be gone. And possible the GM too. Mitchell probably has the only safe seat in the front office.

Wonder if Less Browne is still around town?

He would make a great Secondary Coach in my opinion.

If both co-ordinators and GM was fired id accept a Ticket price increase :slight_smile:

They definitely should review the assistant coaches. Dumping the GM and the Head Coach would be foolish and counter-productive. This team is on the way to great success and amazing achievement. We are a lot closer than you think.

I agree :thup: I think they are on the right track but it seems that Coach made a serious error in picking his assistants! He didn't forget how to coach. I'm sure he is fed up with them but it's too late to do much now!

Clean house at the end of the year and start fresh!

With fifteen games into the season, I dont think we are close at all: same formations, same executions, same penalties. I look to Saskatchewan as a model that has taken on a new HC, a new GM, and many new players, yet has 10 wins.

Somebody said earlier that Taaffe's hiring came so late in the off-season that there were few (if any) assistant coaches available with CFL experience. Hopefully this will change for next season.

At least someone who tells the backs "guys, don't take a Canadian like Fantuz lightly, the guy can play so give him so respect." Not too difficult to get across I wouldn't think.

Yes, I have to agree. The secondary has been a huge problem this year. It's funny because they were looking good towards the end of last year and I thought they were going to be a strong unit. A new DB coach is definitely in order.

Without the great hair!!!