Greetings one and all

My Name is DuckMonk and i am from Halifax Nova Scotia and CFL Football is one of my second favorite sports league besides the NHL. I am also intrigue by several of the New Jeresy sweaters by the teams neverless i am hoping i can relate to some of you during my stay thank you

Hello DuckMonk. Welcome. Are you going to the game Saturday?

Gretings DuckMonk I am from Ohio usa and have been a CFL fan for years (via very limited tv coverage over those years) Also am Hockey fan (Go Islanders). Welcome to the forum. Any new opinions and Ideas aremore then welcome here.

Nope!! Born and raised in N.Y. But HATE the Rangers and always will!! GO ISLES

COOL , I have seen the YANKS in the bronkz and JIMMY Page/ROBERT Plant at MSG.[ The T. HIP were the back up band ] . I saw them the night before , at the bar called the IRVING PALACE. You must a a rich island boy. :wink:The HAMPTONS?.. 8)

WELCOME… and I hope you have a ticket. If you do , enjoy the game.

If you don’t , then go to a bar and watch it…T.V. ratings also count. :smiley:

Who are you going for?

Welcome Duckmonk.
I visited Halifax last year with my wife and son, and we loved it so much we didn't want to leave.
Hope you get a team.
Go Gades Go!!!!