Greetings From New Jersey

Guy from NJ (not far from NYC) here. Started to follow the Als a bit last year now that we get decent CFL TV coverage, hoping to get more into it this season. Always been interested in Quebec, been a long time since I have been to Montreal, but visited QC couple of years ago. I'm a Giants & Browns fan when it comes to the NFL, Notre Dame in the college game. Happen to support another Montreal team also - the Impact in MLS. And for all you Habs fans - Lets Go Rangers! lol....

Welcome to our small devoted group. :thup:

There are several US fans like yourself who enjoy our game and, contribute to our team Forums.

Bienvenue parmi nos contributeurs!

Il est toujours apprécié de discuter avec des gens qui aiment aussi le football qui se joue ici.

Au plaisir de lire vos observations!

Welcome to the forum! The people that post here have a wealth of knowledge about both the CFL and the Alouettes. I don't even post that much, but I come here every day knowing that this place is the best place to stay up to date about the team and read up on interesting speculation. The regular posters here really know their stuff. :slight_smile:

And although I might be cheering for the Habs, best of luck to the Rangers against the Capitals!

Welcome to the Als forum! We may be a small bunch, but our forum is one of the busier ones on this site, and our members know their football. Looking forward to talking CFL football with you. d&p

Thanks Piggy and others who replied....