Greetings from Ireland

Hi Folks,

New to this forum but have been a fan of Candian Football on and off for many years.I haven't given it the respect it deserves and I have recently go Cable TV and ESPN are showing games live.I sat down to watch my first CFL game live for many years and have to say I really enjoyed it :smiley:

I have always had a soft spot for the Roughriders and have decided it's time to stop pussyfooting around and give them some serious support from the Rock in The Alantic called Ireland :smiley:

I look forwad to seeing a lot more of Canadian Football in the coming weeks/Months and The Roughriders will be the team I'm cheering for.The fact the team is Community owned is also a factor in my support.Fans are being neglected by the bigger teams around the World and you only have to see what is going on in the NFL in the last number of years to see the direction I don't want to see Candian Football Go :frowning:

I love Football and the CFL and Roughriders have given it back to me and I say Thank You for that :slight_smile:

Hope we all have a Season to inspire the inner child in all of us.


Stephen from the Green Rock

Hello Stephen,

Welcome, and thanks for this great message. You should consider re-posting it to the main CFL forum, as I'm not sure that many members ever look at the Classifieds. To be honest I didn't even know there was such a thing, but I saw your thread in the "active" list.

As for the Roughriders...well, I suppose an Irishman should be expected to go Green. :lol:

Welcome Stephen! Sounds like you have a fantastic taste in football and football teams. Go Riders!

ps, I moved it to the main Sask board as like Ploen says not much traffic in the classified section.

Welcome Stephen:

Hope you are enjoying your time on our forum. Don't be afraid to ask questions about Canadian football. Someone will take the time to help you learn about the game. Enjoy!

Welcome Stephen, you have excellent taste in football teams.

Just remember you now hate western CFL teams. Others may disagree but I hate them in the following order: 1) Edmonton, 2) BC, 3) Calgary, 4) Winnipeg (the are an eastern team but when Ottawa restarts thier team for like the 4th time, I'm sure Winnipeg will be a west team again). Winnipeg goes to a tie with Edmonton at number one when they officially join the west division again. :lol:

I once say a picture of a Rider logo on a light post outside of a bar in I thought Ireland. Perhaps you placed it there? :thup:

Enjoy watching the Riders and the roller coaster ride they put thier fans through year after year.

Stephen, for your reference. There is a Rider app you can download "Rider App". On the app you'll see a liNk to a local AM radio station that does a pre-game and post-game radio show covering the Riders. You can even phone in to the post-game show and voice our comments. If you tell them your phoning from Ireland, you'll get on for sure. Internet, look for "620 am CKRM Regina Sask"

Leader-post newspaper in Regina has local coverage of the team.

A guy from England has come with his wife the last two years. He posted somewhere on this forum. Maybe we will see you one day.

Cheers, :rockin:

Greetings Stephen

As a Canadian whose Mom was born a very Irish "Quigley", may I offer you a hearty and warm welcome to Riderville in particular CFL fandom in general. Glad to hear that you enjoy CFL style football in general and the Saskatchewan Roughriders in particular. Rider Nation is always open to new fans from all over Canada and the world, so welcome aboard and continue to enjoy the Canadian football season. "May the Riders be halfway to Grey Cup Heaven before the Devil knows they didn't make the playoffs", to play off of a most famous and beloved Irish saying that I am very fond of. Good luck and keep enjoying CFL football.


Many Thanks for all the warm greetings,it is a great pleasure to join the Riders Family and I look forward to seeing a few more W appear against the Teams Stats.I think we can do a number on the Ponies coming into our back yard :wink:

Thanks also for the information on the Apps, and Sadly I wasn't the one who posted the Riders logo outside a Bar here in Ireland but it's good to know another Irishman has good taste in Football also :wink:

I will indeed ask questions about the Riders from time to time and I look forward to being apart of a team that means so much to all you people.That is what this game is all about and that's part of the attraction for me.

Watched the lowlights of the game against BC this afternoon as we had a delayed showing on ESPN.All going well till half time and then it was like Aliens came down and stole our team and replaced them with a bunch of people who couldn't get out of their own way :cry:

Thanks again for the warm welcome and here's to the Ponies coming up lame against the Riders :cowboy:

I made a friend in Kenmare (who now lives in Cork) that I converted into a Rider fan. There might be 3 in Ireland now!

I hope the list continues to grow :smiley:

We have cousins in Five Mile Town in Northern Ireland. They were here a few years back so we put the daughter in the Rider Cheerleader Day, and then she got to be out at half-time at the game. She loved it, so I think we are up to 7 Rider fans on the Emerald Isle with the 4 of them!

I bet that is a day that young lady will never forget, Northern Ireland is a very Beautiful part of this Island :smiley:

Hello Irish.......just came across this old post and was wondering if you are still following the league and the Riders. If not, might want to tune in as our team is doing a pretty good job of winning games so far. Calgary will be our next big test.

Yep, the games this year have been awesome. 5 wins and no loses. Life is good.