Greetings from Havana North!

Well, Toronto City Council has really done it this time! No more supporting our troops in Afghanistan with frickin' ribbon decals on fire trucks and ambulances!

Please TiCat fans, I beg of you; continue to have a rabid disdain for this socialist, politically correct, mismanaged, anti-jock, Starbuck's swillin' enclave... PLEASE!!!

It gives me strength!

UB40 (Toronto firefighter/resident)

Another reason to hate Toronto!!

You should hear the Ottawa radio stations this What is the Mayor of Toronto thinking!!

Here in Ottawa because of the large military population quite a few people participate in "Red Fridays" we wear Red to support our troops. I encourage everyone on Friday to wear Red to the game or the support our troops ribbon (in addition to black and gold of course)

Demand the resignation of Miller!!

Lean to the Left! Lean to the Left! Sit down! Sit down! Don’t dare fight!

Brother UB40 fight like H**l, don’t let them take the decals off the rigs!

What are they afraid of???

Are they going to offend someone in Toronto???

Gimme a break!!! If you want to live in this country and enjoy our freedoms, then accept the fact that we need to show support for those that protect us and our freedoms!

Good on you ub40 :thup:

Religion and politics have a place but please, not here. But since you brought it up, I'd rather live in Havana North than Washington South.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

You think you have troubles? Here in Hamilton we have bigger problems. No more Morreale!

PS In my opinion, to maintain the spirit of the forum, this thread should be deleted.

Dear PatLynch:

How do you read Religion into my post..

Anyway, I'm glad to hear you're happy with Havana North! If it keeps going the way it's going, it'll soon make Havana, Cuba look like a boom town!

I don't think Pat was reading religion into the first post here. It seemed to me was saying that the two subjects of religion and politics don't belong on this site. The thread here is about politics, not religion. That was my reading of his post anyway.

I support the troops as much as anyone; it troubles me though when I see people (mostly politicians but others too) equate criticism of government policy with failure to "support the troops". That strikes me as disingenuous posturing, regardless of the politics (or policy) involved.

I'll second that.

"....disingenuous posturing"...???

My! MY! Haven't we learned some big words today!

No, this is sincere! And it ain't from a frickin' folitician!

Long and short... politics aside...

TORONTO SUCKS!!! (and I live here!)

And the pettiness of Toronto foliticians only makes this "world class" city less so!

ub40 - the stickers will remain.

Stalin had a name for the people in our midst who oppose democracy and freedom, "useful idiots".

or in this context, village idiot.

Thanks to people like Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun
who relentlessly spotlighted this issue in his columns

Toronto’s leftist councillors weren’t able to cater to the will
of a few anti-war citizens and follow their own instincts

by ordering the Support Our Troop decals removed
from all Toronto fire trucks and EMS vehicles

Actually, I learned those words a long time ago. Nor am I ashamed to use them if I think they suit the occasion. Should I be?

Why the need for sarcasm?

There was an interesting column today in the Toronto Star. I found it effectively puts some of the points I would like to make about the issue debated at city council. Some others might find it of interest as well, whether or not they agree with its thrust.

By the way, I live in Toronto too. I think it's a pretty nice place.

Ah yes! A link to a column in the "Red" Star! Such an objective journalistic source!

I'm surprised that Toronto's Pravda had anything to say on this embarrassing-to-the-left issue!

But as long as we're content having journalists speak for us:

[url=] ... 7-sun.html[/url]

Next time:

[url=] ... forum&f=14[/url]

Just a suggestion. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,