Greenwood Signs With Chiefs

The Globe and Mail reports that Cory Greenwood, the Argos' first round choice in the 2010 CFL Draft, has signed with the Kansas City Chiefs:

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a blue team bounce off the head!

hah Corey Mace now Cory Greenwood :slight_smile:
Argo's fail at getting N/I's to sign with them XD

And let's not forget about Dan Federkeil.

Greenwood was expected to be used mostly on special teams this season. The question is, will Greenwood still be in Kansas City after August?

Barker must be loosing his MIND ! He called Greenwood's agent the morning of the draft they had an agreement wow !
I feel for Barker... He got coked with an auger bit and no oil yikes...

Cory Greenwood figures he owes the Argos, in a big way. I’m going to come and play my heart out,? Greenwood said early Sunday evening from Kingston.
Barker: “To go 1 and 8, with the way things are with the NFL with question marks in terms of who was going to be there, we just felt it was critical that we could get two guys who can come and help us right away,? Barker said. “The trades gave us an opportunity to control our own destiny.?
I'm surprised Darren Gil owuld accept that his client do this.

Hats off to Greenwood for impressing enough to earn this shot yet again, but what happened to his weight since the combine? 6-2 219 and desiring to play linebacker in the NFL? No way that's going to happen with the prototype minimum at OLB about 235.

Maybe at such weight with such E-camp spec's Greenwood is a prototype strong safety to augment the 3-4, as Polamalu does in Pittsburgh and Reed does in Baltimore to augment their 4-3, but those guys are amongst the best of the strong safety position with Reed sometimes playing also free.

Or maybe Greenwood will just play special teams given his speed especially relative to his size.

There are a few NFL linebackers that play in the 220's. Any man that wants it bad enough isn't going to let being 10-15 too light be an issue.

Sorry but thats just silly. Anyone who knows football knows that there have always been many undersized guys. A pre-determined size does not a good football player make. It's about can he do it.

It seems like you're just regurgitating stuff you read from NFL scouting profiles.

They are just using the kid, let's hope he does not get hurt and lose everything. He would have been wiser to negotiate himself a nice 3 or 4 year deal with 100k up front and get settled in his pro job.

It’s not “silly” as you assert when you examine the actual spec’s for draft picks amongst them over the last ten years as well as the names of feature players and stars. Sure I bet there are a handful though I know of not one off-hand, but can you name ONE please who is a feature player or star or starter and not just a special teamer? We’ll look at their production on pro football reference to verify your case.

Very few GM’s and coaches will pay much more than minimum money for such “LBs” in their 220s, assuming they make the team, to be other than special teamers.

Before you assert anything is “silly” whether about the NFL or otherwise in that regard, as right or wrong the GMs and coaches do tend strongly to spec’s in their picks, you better have more to back it up.

Furthermore amongst so many other reasons, when your prototype drafted NFL back is 200-225 with 4.5 or better speed, a linebacker with comparable size sure does not hold much promise against even a subpar NFL back in the playing rotation with most on third down one of the big backs.


I have 2 for now. More to come.

Indianapolis WLB Cato June 227 lbs.
Detroit WLB Ernie Sims 225 lbs.

In a lot of cases these kids are being used as hamburger meat to keep the gears spring camps moving or as the “bad” guys on the scout teams. Greenwood is not going to cost them a penny and when camp breaks “their” guys aren’t beat up.

So what better than a good Canadian kid who will work his arze off and say yes Sir every time he’s asked to do something no matter how risky. While blue chip prospects have their agents on the sidelines or in sitting in the stadium texting instructions to their cash calves… In fact pretty much exactly what happened to Jesse Lumsden.

If he does something to stand out he'll make it. If he's average and does nothing to show he's another body he wont, coaches and gm's have way too much to focus on to take notice of any of the bottom dwellers. And of course most cfl players were cut from an nfl team so they'll whine about politics and blah blah because the last person they'll blame is themself

Great stuff for a serious reality check again from Drexl and Hfx. Here's a bit more reality with these undersized examples so far for which the information on the team affiliation is incorrect for starters.

Cato June has not been with Indianapolis for years now, so at least get your basic facts straight if you are really out to make a case here Zen.

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He is an awful example for your case as well. He was dealt to Tampa Bay in 2007 after the Colts won the Super Bowl and went on serious decline and then played in a total of one game for Chicago with no tackles last season. I am unclear where he is now and he's not listed as a current player on the NFL site either.

He was a solid tackler for my Colts and had three solid NFL seasons with them, but all the same those tackles were usually at least five yards downfield and I knew he sucked for the Colts back then and was not sorry to see him go. Definitely a slightly worse than average NFL linebacker, but our linebacking corp still sucks since. And no Polian does not take undersized linebackers either for that matter, and I am not excited about draft pick Pat Angerer. :thdn:

Ernie Sims is now trying to make the Eagles team here in Philly. He's bulked up to 230 now, which is still slightly on the small side. Of course some of you who do workout know your weight can fluctuate based on your metabolism, diet, and exercise all the same just as it does for even the pros, but they are far more disciplined during camp and the season than most of us. Solid tackler at awful Detroit the only place where he has played, but it appears he got hurt last year.

There is one long-time key special teamer at 225 who is a star in that regard, though now on the decline, and listed as a linebacker that he hardly ever plays. See if you can find who that player is if you want.

Have a look at the NFL site under the linebackers or the CBS NFL draft site on the prospect lists and knock yourself out mindlessly and in vain with regard to your point in high favour of undersized LBs or players in general.

A few examples like these don't help your case either for an undersized LB's odds at draft time or as a free agent in the NFL as you regurgitate whatever you have in your self-enlightened bogus zen state.

All I had asked is what happened to Greenwood's weight, for at the NFL level at every position a player's height and weight with all other things relatively equal certainly IS a big deal as you deny probably without looking at any evidence at all.

And mind you all my thoughts on here where I do not quote or cite are original not regurgitated as you alleged, so whatever you like to spew mindlessly in your "zen" state of personal nirvana where you cannot even get your basic facts straight have at it dude. :thup:

Jesse didn't make the cut ... plain and simple ..gimme a break ... those so called "blue chip" players as you call them worked their rear ends off to get where they are ..they were also brought up in a better football background ...Canadian Kids who go to the NFL and try for a shot better darn well say YES SIR and WORK THEIR ARZE OFF .. it's the only way they will make it.

If you think it's that simple the best QB from college football was dismissed as not NFL material by alot of teams before even given a chance to even step on the field this year ..

NFL teams want players that are the BEST THEY CAN FIND AND AFFORD .... they also want players that can last longer than 2 games

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Another year, and likely more play, for Greenwood ...