Honestly, How confident are you rider fans in your qb that he will take you to the west final?

That’s like asking the pope if he believes in God. Rider fans are confident they will take home a Grey Cup this year.

However, if history is any indication Greene will absolutely destroy Calgary’s defense. He can suck all year, but for some reason he seems to always play his best against against that team.

Since Greene has been in Saskatchewan we have also done very well against B.C. But only when Greene is playing. In 2002 and 2003 combined we went 5-0 against B.C.

^^ Just to add to that people are saying that BC will be the team to beat in the West this year. So if history is any indication we should be looking forward to a succesful year. None of this finishing in 5th place garbage.

I believe you can not get any lower then fifth so get comfortable.

well we are going to have a tough time moving you guys out of there, cause you must be comfortable being there for the last 2 or 3 years

We did some decorating it is now green and white enjoy.

It should be good cause you had a lot of time to do it.

What the hell are you taling about 5-0 against BC when greene was playing. Take a long hard look at the BC Roster and office of the games when Nealon was playing. Not quite the same team as last year. Again, I’m a huge rider fan but nealon will drive the rider bus off a cliff, mostly cuz he’ll be doing the double biceps instead of holding onto the wheel around a curve.

[quote=“Tumblersman”]What the hell are you taling about 5-0 against BC when greene was playing. Take a long hard look at the BC Roster and office of the games when Nealon was playing. Not quite the same team as last year. Again, II do agree som badly.

Nealon gets us there but when it counts he cant pass the ball. They contain his running and blitz.

Dominguez88…you are wise beyond your years.

Yes he is Yoda! Very smart! Yes!

Now I know why the Riders have Greene and Crandell as QB. Roy Shivers does not think that a QB is important. Hmmm that is the problem.

ok, first off, you can’t say that Roy Shivers Doesn’t care about finding good quarterbacks, Nealon is a great quarterback that can take a game over and lead his team to victories through stunning plays. Yes, Nealon does have areas that he can improve in like passing, but Nealon is a hard working player always looking to improve. Nealon will improve this year greatly and he will be a top quarterback, no question.

As for Marcus Crandell, in my opinion Marcus is a player who has major potential that could be sparked very easily. Playing with a team like Calgary is like trying to spark a fire with a feather and a piece of shit (any clagary fan) Bringing Marcus to a team that has so much excitement and the hands down best fans in the league should give Marcus that spark, and you’ll see he will emerge as a great quarterback.

I agree with that statement on Greene and Crandell. But my only doubt is Crandell may not get enough playing time to prove himself.

Crhis thats throw those 2 year old stats of Nealons away. Last nights game for stats fourth play intecept and gonzo Nealon in comes one hopper Crandell. Hey he did not bad against ourthird stringers and waterboy.

Ya well I wouldn’t go braggin it up just yet. Because the only reason you guys even got a Td was beacause your reciever threw a long bomb to Lewis not your QB. I believe Burris your savior went 5-16 in the half.
And we left almost all of our starting defense at home. Your #1 unit played the whole first half. And the int wasn’t even Greene’s fault it went off of Holmes’ hands. And don’t forget Greene hasn’t played any competitive footbal for a whole year.

I agree, you can’t hardly blame Greene for that interception. Nealon did his job, he got the ball to the receiver, that’s all he has to do and he did it. The receiver however made the error and didn’t catch the ball and it deflected into a Stamps hands. That’s nothing but bad luck.

By the way why did they yank Shakey Nealon they did not want to wreck his new stats. ha ha ha I noticed Jeremy your mom MadameX did not post this time she let you out of the high chair.

Why did they pull Nealon? Because the game wasn’t for Nealon, it was for the other QB’s who don’t usually get to play.