Greene is a good team player

Has anyone else noticed that Greene is taking is taking is back-up role with a touch of class? I see him working on the sidelines with the coach and QB and is always one of the first guys to pat a team mate on the back for a great play. It is more difficult to see on TV, but even when I caught a glimpse during the BC game, he was cheering for Crandel and the offense. Hats off to Nealon. Maybe Printers could watch and learn a thing or two.

Greene is appearing to be quite the team player, which is exactly what is expected of any team member. It's a shame more can't behave in a more classy light.

Slightly off-topic: Anyone considered putting Greene in for the odd second and short situation?

That was suggested in the Leaderpost today. Makes good sense. Gets him involved in the game and with his running ability, makes the D wonder if he will take off outside around the end.

Huh. I'm on the same page as the Leaderpost? Scary thought. . . :smiley: I was also thinking about the running game with Greene in second and short, but I suppose it would also help him to be somewhat involved, in case something happens to Crandell. At any rate, the defense would be kept guessing, which is the ultimate goal.

Printers is being educated by Wally... I think he'll be picking splinters from his behind from sitting on the bench. Pierce will be back up the rest of the season barring weird stuff happening. The cell phone incident has really soured a lot of people.

Yeah I think using Nealon would be great. Send him on as a runningback on first down sometimes and confuse the defense. Crandell could shovel pass over and Greene could throw or run, the defense would be guessing a lot. Sure would create a lot of new plays for us that's for sure.

Nealon did the same thing last year when he was behind Burris in the playoffs. No matter what I say about his playing ability, He has always been a team player, and tried to his best for the team.

Greene is pure class, granted he wasn't happy when he was pulled that one game, but since then he has been a true team player. I would like to see Greene is second and short he's pretty good at faking the hand off and running around the end, which could only help our offense by keeping the defense guessing.

I always have liked Nealon Greene when he has played here in Saskatchewan. It is too bad that we have a moron for an offensive coordinater that doesnt know how to use a mobile quaterback. Either way I dont think we saw the true Nealon Greene this year. Marcus Crandell sure is doing a great job in there right now. Thank goodness we got rid of Burris and brought in Crandell.

Greene is the best QB we have had in the last ten years by getting us to 11-7 in 2003. That year we played against tough teams in the west all year, Edmonton with Ray, BC with Dickenson, Winnipeg with Khari Jones, it was the toughest west division I ever remember and Greene got us to 11-7 in it. The best we can do now is 10-8 if we are lucky, so we already failed Greeneā€™s record again. Greene was only 3-6 when they pulled him, maybe if we left him in he could have got us to 11-7 again? Greene save us!