I think those 3 players would rly help out here in Hamilton. We obvously need recievers, I would like to see Thelwell come here 4 sure, Nate davis would fit in saying we no longer have cheatwood cotton etc, and Greene being a 4 time all-star would be nice to upgrade our offensive line, any thoughts?!

Greene is 38 and ready to retire
Davis is highly over rated
Thellwell would be useful

thellwell yes
davis, only if we dont get belli back

When does free agency start anyway?

feb 15th

We will spend the most money on D-Line (maybe two guys) because that is where we lack depth the most (with Cheat and Cotton cut), and D-Linemen (as well as D-Backs) are the only real "stars" among the 2007 free agent pool.

I can also see us picking up one D-back.

Thelwell is like Morreale. His best games are behind him. Using the #1 pick in the draft, let's find our own version of young Paris Jackson (the tall, fast Canadian receiver who made Thelwell expendible in BC).

Although free agent non-import receiver Ryan Thelwell has had several good seasons with the B.C. Lions, he will be 34 years of age by the time the 2007 CFL training camps open. Given the new “younger, faster, cheaper” player recruitment philosophy of the Ticat organization, what level of interest will they have in Thelwell? Will they sign him in lieu of re-signing Mike Morreale? Perhaps a one year contract at his 2006 salary (or less)? Or will they choose instead to break in the younger non-import receivers they have already signed? Answers to these questions will probably happen by the end of this month.

Thelwell is like Morreale. His best games are behind him. Using the #1 pick in the draft, let's find our own version of young Paris Jackson (the tall, fast Canadian receiver who made Thelwell expendible in BC).

We have already have our own version of Paris Jackson - Ivan Birungi 6ft 4in 223lbs. Not sure if he's as fast as Jackson (couldn't find that stat) last year at Acadia he had 60 catches for more then 1000 yards. 6 games with more then 100 receiving with two of those game coming against Laval.

I'd love to see the cats get the ball to Brock Ralph a bit more. Love his speed! Not really sold on Thelwell and as previously mentioned he'll be 34 before training camp starts. I'd rather them take a look at Jamal Richardson from the riders. Was having a career year last year until he was hurt.

Thelwell was surrounded by great recievers and he is 34 yrs old . It remains to be seen if he could be a good player here .

Nate Davis is a solid player and has been for a long time . If he has lost a step i didnt see it last season.

We need more quarter backs the butler isn't enough mass has lassed a step

If the organization thought the team could be a real GC contender, then they should think seriously of signing all 3 of these guys IMO; probably not the case and relatively high priced vets might be a luxury; in terms of needs - receiver is an obvious one and Thelwell is IMO maybe the most complete wide-out in the CFL - check his stats over the last number of seasons and no other receiver lined-up at WR has put up as many yards i bet; 34 is hardly over the hill, but if you're just building for the future, then maybe better to go with youth; the Argos, with at least some kind of shot to play in a GC at home migtht think of looking at all 3 of those guys as well, and i think they're hurting big-time at all 3 positions these guys play. SMS/"cap" might mean all 3 of these guys have to play at a slightly reduced salary if they're still keen on playing in the CFL.

Friday Feb. 16th 2007

12:01 AM E.T. to be exact.

sign nate davis now. it will seal up the middle with a proven stopper. he still has some gas in the tank and he seems like a good guy. after giving cheatwood away lets gt something back on the line. cotton was a flaoter.

dont forget about anthony collier, he will be our starting DE this year he played well last season for cotten when injured. all we need is 1 DE, maby a LB, and a DT. for defence. well maby 1 more DB, 1 of each position

cotton was good in 05, and was ahppered by injury in 06 wich was why he was let go. same with cheat, injury's can kill a players career, really sad to see but thats the sport.