Green With Appreciation

Green with Appreciation: Sunday July 27th 7ish

Kerry Joseph steps on Mosaic Stadium's Turf
Wrapped in calm 'n breezy shades of blue
Before a prairie sea of Green
lightly jogging centrefield
Harder than he Ever has before
Tayloring this new moment
With His good ol' friends and foes
Slow motion sounds are heard
Of Green-eyed Prairie Buffaloes
Wearing capes and melons
Who've loudly shook their Concrete Green walls
but this time
Uncomplicatedly the Hands and the fans in the stands
Are Here:
Are Standing:
Are Chanting: KJ! KJ! KJ!
Our own #4
Whose Green and Silver sail has set
Amidst a STANDING Green Ocean of Appreciation and Applause.


Dude....he only played here a couple years.

and yet he accomplished more in 2 seasons than 98% of all players to have ever worn the green and white.

Just making a point that when Toronto comes to Mosaic to play in week 5, it would be nice if the fans showed respect and cheered his entrance.

With the hate calls the front office of Riders have been getting and KJ having to go on the Drew Remenda Sports show to tell the fans to calm down it would be nice to give him a welcoming to remember . . .

After that he is fair game like all the other QBs that visit Saskatchewan.

Marty York reports that sales of "white out" have doubled in the Province of Saskatchewan. Apparently all those "Burris Sucks" tee-shirts are being pulled, and "Whited out" and replaced by KJ sucks. Comming soon to a Sporting Goods Store near you! :lol:

KJ is akabazillionkajjillion times > than Burris, but thne again. I never liked Burris.

Well, that's fine. Everyone is free to do as they wish.

But the poem is still gawd-awful.

And bordering on creepy.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA :lol: :lol: :lol: