Green Riders LOADED

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Thigh - 'roids. Get it?

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An article by Rob Vanstone entitled "Roughriders add another receiver" in today's edition of the Regina Leader-Post reports that the Roughriders will probably not be releasing any receivers until after the commencement of training camp:

"Roughriders general manager Eric Tillman said the team is stockpiling receivers because it wants to be three deep at each position -- and head coach Kent Austin plans to use five-receiver sets. Tillman indicated the Roughriders could have up to 16 receivers in training camp.

"The best players play,'' Tillman said. "That's called competition.''"

Therefore, the Ticats will probably have to look to other sources to re-stock their receiving corps over the next couple of months.

Here, I thought he was talking Gomer's Piles :oops: