Green Riders LOADED

Wow those green riders are loaded at WR. Flick, Armstrong, Dominquez, Fantuz, French, Grant and now Anderson? i wont who will be the odd one out. Im guessing Flick and Grant, possibly French. I say we scoop up whoever gets axed.

Flick will be released if he doesnt redue his contract.

Flick isn't going anywhere. Like Armstead, Flick is one of Tillman's old players from the Gades.

My bet is that Dominguez will be dealt shortly, probably to Hamilton for Pat Fleming.

Either way both the Riders and Stamps are sacked and will evetually let some good recievers go.
Hopefully we will have room to add them to our roster.

:lol: Hamilton kickers are always held in high esteem. Are you sure you didn't mean Dave Fleming. :)

With Congi, the Riders had major problems with their punting game last year.

Pat Fleming is another ex-Gade who Tillman likes.

Nick Setta will win the kicking job in Hamilton in 2007.

You do the math.

what math?

Thyron Anderson is now a Green Rider.
Are they Trying to Have Monopoly at WR

Some of those new riders may not be loaded... they may just be high....

...could be some character issues arising there.

hahahaha thats pretty funny... Can't say we need a punter that badly! We're definitely not dealing our star receiver for a punter... I don't care if the punter was Jon Ryan, Dominguez would not go. I'm sure we'll just pick up a young college player to punt...

As mentioned by others ... this is a ridiculous number of receivers to bring to camp; and I think craig Yeast and Ib Tounkara are also still atound

Plus the Hill brothers???

Cleary, Austin is gonna continue to throw .... run/ schmun

i think tillman is getting as many receivers as possible so he can have the most competitive TC as possible, so he can have the best team as possible.

nothing wrong with that!

whats marcel been doin lately?

Waiting for the other teams to shed some good

he should be doing something to get them first...instead he doesnt get first picks....he doesnt even get 2nd pick...he gets 5th pick, cuz sask gets the first 4 picks.

if sask doesnt dump these guys until after the 1st pre-season game, then hamilton picks up the cuts...that only gives these guys 1 pre-season game to mesh with the ticat system....not good strategy.

sask. is also sending thier fans a message...they are serious about winning and are going to assemble the VERY best team they can....this should sell more season tickets.

I don't know about you ,but i'm using the wait
and see tactic this year before i buy my tickets.

im buyin home opener tickets, and dependind on what i see there will dictate how many more tickets i buy the rest of the season.

last year, i only went to the hindsight, it was the right move ( i didnt miss many TD' )

Nobody laughed, Mark.

You need some instruction in the use of emoticons. :oops: :smiley:

Oh :oops:

Yeah, but all the seem to be getting is wideouts.....they could use idk maybe so DBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!....So they sign/trade for like 5 more wideouts but they havent picked up one d-back all very werid

Riders picked up Thyroid Anderson today, how many great receivers to they need?