Green Riders have Jason Armstead back.

Jason Armstead is back with the Riders.

This is actually old news but nobody picked it up until just now. ( I've known since Saturday)

Apparently his problems are behind him...charges dropped.

I wish him well...he's got talent. :thup:

A name that will re-surface for years when the topic is Bad Ti-Cat Trades. Two years later now the Riders have him and Getzlaf, who's certainly outshining Bauman while filling in for Fantuz, and the Cats have zip. His Worship, Mayor Corey Holmes is back home in Metcalfe, Miss.

8) Well, I have no problem with Armstead being traded away, but Ryan Getzlaf is another story
  for sure  !!!

  Yep, he sure would look better than who you mentioned, in a TiCat uniform   !!!     <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

The Cats didn't trade Armstead. They traded FOR him, during the '07 season, giving up Getzlaf and Holmes in exchange. Then they cut Armstead before training camp '08.

8) Opps, you're right. I remember that now !! Brain cramp this early in the morning !!! :wink:

I remember seeing an interview with him after he was cut, he said that sometimes they would not have proper equipment/uniforms in Hamilton and how happy he was to be out of here.
I hope we CRUSH the Riders the next itme there in town.

i wonder if he'll drive around regina with guns in his car, tracking down former girlfriends.
class act.

8) I met the girlfriend he had at the time he was playing with Hamilton, and she was a very beautiful, charming young lady !!!
  Not sure if that was the same lady that he had that incident with later on, down in the States  !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Since he's coming back to Canada I assume that he doesn't have a record and the charges were dropped, so give the guy a break.