Green Riders are worth more to me than root beer

Just a question i'm considering this team to announce my allegiance to.

roughriders .... nope they may have made the playoffs last year .... but BLEW IT again like the stink in REGINA ..... GO BLUE

roughriders wont be able to win against the blue no more

I see that the Bomber fans are kind of getting full of themselves. Just because you brought in Barrin Simpson doesn't automatically make you Grey Cup challengers. You are still lacking at the cornerback and halfback position. There is no doubt that Simpson will make an impact on your team, but come on, do you honestly think one player will pull you out of the basement? The Riders are going to be the same this year as last year.
Good luck, but don't count your chickens before they hatch boys.
As for your comment B&G4E, at least we actually made the playoffs last year.

Greenandwhite the bomber fans sound very similar to the rider fans last year. They too will find out in the west it is very competitive. Both the riders and bombers have some thing to prove. Both have similar situations but I think the riders have the edge imo. If shivers and taman both fix the problems they have only games will tell us where they will be in Nov.

I totally agree with you red. The west will be a dog fight.

Yeah it will be. There is no outright "leader or favorite" in the West. Everybody looks as tho they will be equal.

Your right, it will be a dogfight. . . but The bombers won't be in it. . .

Simpson can't win your games for you. . .

I seem to remeber a stormy night in Regina when the Bombers came to town. There was lightning and thunder in the air and I think it made the Bomber players sh** there pants and they couldn't run because opening kickoff Corey Holmes took one all the way.

and we thought it was a omen that the riders would lost to us cuz we have a lightning bolt in our logo, but we read it worng and lost in our triebble unifroms.

The only reason you like the Eskimos is because you like to see those male cheerleaders. Come on what guy wants to be a cheerleader unless he can't touch a girl any other way.

pardom me? see you at the Week A preseason game, the "all star game in Thunder Bay", then we will see which team "sucks".

I find it interesting that someone who refers to everyone as Weak-chinned has to ask who to root for fairness, 1313, ducks aren't noted for their large brains.....

in fairness the people of regin appericat their sport then the folks in T.O and Montreal.

OMG, everyone looks equal? I don't know what you're smoking, but I wouldn't mind some of it. Look for the Riders to miss the playoffs as there will be no cross over route this year.

Over at, someone started a thread about three reasons the Riders will be better this year. I would like to give you my contribution as to why they will be as bad, and even possibly worse. :lol:

  1. Roy Shivers
  2. Danny Barrett
  3. Nealon Greene
    3A) Marcus Crandell

A few years from now when the Shivers/Barrett reign of error is just a distant memory, Rider Fans will refer to the Al Ford years as the Good Old Days. :wink:

The Al Ford days as the good old days? You mean when we weren’t making the play-offs and finishing every season at 5-13. Don’t get me wrong I’m growing tired of the Shivers/Barrett act but they do give Rider fans hope and expectations. In the Al Ford years it was maybe we can make the play-offs, now we want to get a home play-off game and win the grey cup, anything short of that is a disappointment.