Green is the new....part 2...of 5

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A Winnipeg billboard saying "Green is the new Blue" has some Bomber fans seeing red.

The adversarial message, paid for by the Saskatchewan Roughriders, is now up in Transcona.

Riders vice-president of marketing Gregg Sauter said it's all in good fun.

The team bought similar billboards in five different cities across the country, he said.

"We put out some billboards just to give a shout out to our fans and kind of raise the conversation, and create some awareness around the Riders coming to town and once again just show an appreciation and recognition to our fans around the country," said Sauter.

Sauter claimed the billboards are meant to promote the fact the Riders are coming to town, not to humiliate the Bombers or their fans.

Eskimos...doesn't really work....face palm smack...I hope they didn't do that

I love that they are creating heat and discussion and drawing crowds in good fun...just wish it was a new mantra on this one.

I thought a good slogan would have been rider nation domination. We are Legion.

Captain Blue's plane getting crushed by a John Deere
under it:
"YUP" or"Necessary Roughriderness"

or 'the Hulk' grabbing it out of the air saying "Riders SMASH"
though the argument that it could also be Gainer doing that and just hugging it in half or something.