green is the color football is the game

this is jam 67 i have been a long time riders fan,and i am new to this forum and i hope riders fans remember that joseph led us to the cup last year. however i hope the riders throttle the argos

I don't feel that it was Joseph that led us to the cup last year... I think it was definitely a full team effort. Joseph was very inconsistent and in the playoffs I think he underperformed a little bit. That being said, he had a lot of heart and was very involved in the community, and for that aspect of his personality he will always have my respect.

Jam67, i like the cut of your jib ,welcome aboard.........GO RIDERS

Hey Joseph:

Get ready for the noice.
5-0? I hope so.

crandell or durant starting is a good problem for us not for the arg(choke)os. riders Deeeeeeeeee will prevail,and if rod black is commentating he will waste no time in telling everyone that corey grant is canadian book it!! RIDERS RULE


Most of the Rider fans didn't turn on KJ, in fact he SHOULD get a huge ovation when he takes to the field on sunday.

And he did, and rightfully so ...