Green IS an Accurate Thrower

So far he's at 14-16 for like 150 yards

Very good, Sask has a keeper!

hoopster you make way too many threads.

It’s not hard to throw a 5 yard pass accurately. Did you even see the passing chart? All his completions were behind the line of scrimmage.

That is a concern especially as the season goes on. I think sooner or later a teams defense will go after that. What was the last play in the game youthrow shallow. But over all the Riders did play good against a very good team.

hoopster, couldn't you just post on one topic. everything you have written has been about the game so post it in one thread. get your head out of your a$$

Yeah mate!, it's annoying, even I don't start this many topics!

Greene had an abnormally high completion % because Toronto plays a 3-4 defense that covers the deep filed very well.

Nealon completed lots of shovel tosses, screens, and short 5 yard passes to the flats, because those are the plays that are left open against a 3-4 defense.

Even when he has to move the ball 60 yards in 20 seconds he is only throwing 5-8 yards downfield :?

28 of 34, he had a hell of night, Jason maas like, and we all know where he is now.

oh, pickin splinters out of his ass for those of you who dont.

This is what the OC called, man with 17 secs left I'd send a 6 pack down field and go for the height mismatch and throw for the jump ball...

All Rider Recievers are 6` and Greene can throw for over 60 yards so why not try, the worst is an Incomplete or pick... the best is a catch or flag,

Hands down Marcel will be thinking about those last calls for the next little while, but other then that he called it to a tee.


Yeah not the best final drive management.

You can bet there will be some major issues addressed at practice this week, and Nealon Greene's abilitly will NOT be mentioned.

Tough loss to take, but sometimes that's what's needed for a team to play a full 4 quarters, a little wake-up call. No worries here, all will be settled.

I’m a little dissapointed, this reminded me of the Western Final ::shudders:: The Riders are still 2-1 which is pretty darn decent, I’m confident we’ll be able to knock off Hamilton here in Sask and move up to 3-1 which is definatley nothing to be complaining about. Like someone else said up there maybe this is a good thing, a little bit of a wake up call. two wins in a row can inflate the ego a little bit.